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Can I join the Swim and Dive Team without joining Shorewood


No, you must be a member of Shorewood Pool to join the swim and dive team.


What are the fees and how do we register?

The fees ($65/participant) are all handled through the Shorewood Hills Village Hall and can be taken care of

at the same time as your membership fees through the electronic registration process. Once membership and team fees are taken care of, registration

should be completed by clicking the "start registration" button under the "System" tab on the left side of this



How do swim and dive meets work? What are they all about?at are the fees and how do we register?

We have lots of information if you click here to get our Swim Meets 101 and Dive Meets 101 documents - check them out!


Is there a requirement to volunteer at meets?

Yes, we require that you volunteer your time and energy during each home meet in which your child

participates. Volunteering is fun and no experience is necessary. We cannot run the swim and dive

meets without your help! Dive meets require volunteers, too.


How do I volunteer?

Sign up to volunteer on the pool website (to sign up for home swim meets, go to the Team Website (Look to sign up for home dive meets in the lobby of the pool).


I can't seem to get enough useful information about meets. What is the best way to get more



Your first stop is the Swim and Dive Team website at Register there

at the website to receive important Team emails. This website contains team news, team handbook,

and lots of other information. You can even register to volunteer at swim meets from this website! In

addition, paper notes will be sent home for those events that require parental permission and/or fees,

(as well as posted on the website).


Is swim team only for really good swimmers?

No. Shorewood Swim Team accepts swimmers of all levels. For safety reasons we require that a

swimmer be able to 2 lengths of the pool (25yds), one length on their front and one on their back, with a 1

minute or less rest between, and without using the bottom or a lane-line for support. A Little Shark need only

to make it once across the pool (25yds). Other than that there is no minimum ability level to be on the team.


Is it possible to be on swim team or dive team, or do I have to choose one or the other?

DO BOTH! We have many swimmers that also compete on the dive team. Shorewood’s dive team is lead

by a duo of awesome coaches and is a lot of fun. They are always looking for new members (with

knowledge of 4 or 5 dives) and the swim coaches highly encourage anyone who is interested in joining

to give it a try.


Can my child sign up for dive lessons if they are already on the dive team?

No. Dive lessons are for those needing a few more dives before joining dive team as well as those who

just want to learn some basic diving skills. Our teaching staff will be able to focus on improving these

beginning divers' skills so that they may meet their personal goal, whether it be to join the dive team or

just feel safe on the board!


Who should join Dive Team?

Anyone who has an interest in improving their diving skills, and has the prerequisite number of dives for

their age group. Divers age 10 & under need to be able to perform 4 different dives, and older divers

perform 5 different dives. Those divers close to meeting this minimum requirement will have priority in

enrollment for dive lessons during session 1, where they will work towards their goal of joining the team.

Competing at meets is not required, but they sure are fun!


Since my child is on swim team does that mean that he/she shouldn’t take swim lessons?

No again. Swim lessons are a great supplement to being on the team, especially for younger or newer

swimmers. They offer much more individualized attention from Shorewood’s quality guard staff. This

could be a great chance for instructors to focus on some of the “fine tuning” aspects of a swimmer’s

strokes that might not have been addressed in practice.


What’s with the Swim meet themes, and are the kids supposed to dress up too?

For each meet the Swim coaches come up with a fun dress up theme. From togas to Hawaiian, the

Shorewood coaches are known all across the city for their vastly superior costumes. We highly

encourage swimmers participate in dressing up as it is a great way to show team spirit…..but it is not a

requirement, don’t worry.


What happens if I’m late, and what should I do if I know I’m going to be late?

It is very important that swimmers and divers arrive on time to both practices and meets. Many important

announcements are given at the beginning of practice. Children arriving late not only miss these

announcements but also disrupt the flow of the practice. At meets it is especially important to be

on time. During warm-ups coaches are trying to ensure that all of their swimmers are there for relays. If

a swimmer is not in the water for warm-ups, a coach has to try to find a replacement for that swimmer. It

is the policy of the Shorewood coaching staff that if a swimmer is not in the water on time for warm-ups,

he/she may be removed from any and all relays for that meet. These problems can be avoided if a

parent notifies a coach prior to the practice/meet when they know they will be late. Your communication

is greatly appreciated by the coaches.

**** If your child will miss the swim meet on a Saturday after signing up to compete, is it

ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY to email the coaches with that information before 7am on the morning

of the meet.


How do coaches pick who is on a relay and who is not?

It is the unofficial policy of the Shorewood Swim team that for dual meets, the coaches will do their best

to put every swimmer on at least one relay. That being said, swimming on relays is a privilege, not a

right. This privilege is earned through hard work, dedication to the team, and respecting coaches and

teammates. The number of swimmers signed up for each meet also determines participation.


Is a team suit required?

No, a team suit is not required. However, team suits are available from our local vendor (see team

website for Team Store) at an excellent discount to Shorewood swimmers & divers!

Where do I get a team t-shirt for my child?

All Shorewood Swim and Dive Team members receive a complimentary t shirt. T shirts will be distributed

by parent volunteers at the Parents and Coaches Meeting. Ask the coaches after that time.


What about the Team bulletin boards?

CHECK THE BULLETIN BOARD REGULARLY! Although this is a secondary source of information, Dive

Team announcements, meet volunteers, directions, and other information will be posted on the bulletin

board. It is located in the lobby near the non-pool side entrance. The best source of information is the

Shorewood Swim & Dive Team website


When is the Swim & Dive Team End-of-Season Picnic?

Our Swim & Dive Team Picnic will be held the Sunday following the All-City Swim Meet. Dive & Swim

team awards will be handed out at that time, and the “dual athlete” award will be presented to the

swimmer/diver who best exemplifies Shorewood team spirit!


If you still have a few more questions…

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