We are excited to welcome our 2022 Coaches for the Shorewood Hills Swim & Dive Team!

13 & older:  Owen Cranley, Molly Messner, and Jaden Weiss
11&12: Owen Cranley, Molly Messner, and Natalie Schick
9&10: Dane Sheehan, Kate Messner Jackie House, and Natalie Pollock
8 & under: Jaden Weiss, Joe Cranley, Eliza Miller, Natalie Pollock, and Anna Tracy
"Little Sharks" Coaches:  Anna Wickizer, Austin Sheehan, Ben Collins, Eliza Miller, and Taylor Carbon                 


Molly Hampton, Hope Imaizumi, and Rian Wells

Want to Know More About Your Coaches?

2022 Shorewood Sharks Coaches Bios

Head Swim Coaches:

Owen Cranley: [email protected]

I am 22 years old and I have been coaching swim team and teaching swim lessons at Shorewood Pool since I was 15. I was heartbroken last year because I don't know a better place to spend my summer days than Shorewood Pool. A few things about me: if I’m ever hungry, I can always be satisfied with Sausage, Egg and Cheese on a Maple Cinnamon bagel from Bagels Forever. I spend my fall, winter and spring down University Avenue at UW-Madison and I’m going to be continuing my junior year this fall and starting my senior year in the spring!  I love playing golf, stand-up paddle boarding on Madison’s lovely lakes, playing basketball, and most importantly, spending time in and around the best pool with the best team ever. I can’t wait to see everyone again this summer because I miss everything about Shorewood Swim Team and all of you that make it so awesome!


Jaden Weiss: [email protected]

I am 21 years old and have been coaching here at Shorewood since 2019, but working here since 2016. Whether you knew me as coach awesome or coach annoying, I am so excited to bring my loud voice back to Shorewood this summer. A little bit about me, I was a competitive swimmer for 13 years in the All-City swim league, as well as swimmer on the State Championship team at Madison West and then at Seattle University for one year. When the pool is closed you can find me nesting up in Minneapolis where I attend the University of Minnesota (I know what you're thinking, Go Gophs). But in the summer you can catch me eating a pizza bagel with banana peppers and guacamole (trust me it works), playing golf, road biking, and spending as much time possible at my favorite place, Shorewood Pool. Don't hestitate to come up to me and say hi at the pool, and can't wait to make this the best summer!


Assistant Swim Coaches:

Molly Messner: 

I’m 20 years old and I have been coaching swim team and teaching lessons at Shorewood Pool since I was 15. I am beyond excited to get back to it and see all you people that make Shorewood, Shorewood. During the rest of the year, I study Interior Architecture and Fashion Design, right here at UW-Madison. In my free time, I enjoy any lake side activity from skiing to reading. I can also be found practicing yoga, dancing, or munching on any kind of bagel sandwich from Bagels Forever. I’m grateful that I can say see YEE soon!



Jackie House​: 

I am so so so excited to get to coach the 9/10s this year! Shorewood is were I got my swimming start back in about 2009 over the years I have collected 2 coconut awards so you know I’m ready and qualified to mess around in the water and have some fun. Since then many hours in the pool has led me to my goal of swimming in college at the University of Vermont, where I just finished my freshman year. This is my second year coaching swim team and I couldn’t be more excited, I can’t wait to see all the smiling faces around the pool. Here's to the best summer ever!

Natalie Schick: 
I am 19 years old and have been swimming for shorewood since I was 7, and BAC since I was 9. This past year swam for Rutgers University-- Go Scarlet Knights!! While I love New Jersey, I am also partial to the south as I spent a good portion of this past year swimming with a team in Texas. When I'm not at Shorewood I love to watch netflix with some iced coffee. Currently, I'm obsessed with criminal minds and Schitts Creek. This is my second year coaching and I couldn't be more excited! Shorewood taught me the love I have for the water and I can't wait to help pass that on to everyone!
Joe Cranley:

I’m 19 years old and this year I’m extra excited return to coach on the swim team! My swim experience is made up entirely of the 13 summers I have spent as a swimmer for Shorewood. I competed in my very first All-City when I was just 4. This was before the days of Little Sharks, of course. As a younger fellow, I spent as much time as I possibly could at Shorewood during the summer, and now I’m lucky enough to work here. My all-time favorite candy is REECE’S Peanut Butter Cups and my favorite holiday is All-City weekend. When I’m not at the pool I like to play golf, shoot hoops, throw a baseball or football, and if you catch me in a good enough mood I might even kick around a soccer ball. I also love to read books and watch cartoons. During this extraordinary summer, where our high-fives might turn into air-fives, staying safe and having fun will go hand in hand. I am stoked to see YEE’all at the pool!


Anna Tracy:

I've been a Shorewood Shark all of my life and it has been the best part of my childhood, so I'm ecstatic to return as a coach and make this summer the best for every shark! I rowed and played tennis at Madison West, and now I'm loving life down at Indiana University!  My favorite bagel flavor is everything, I love to rollerblade, read, hang out with my family and friends and dogs, swim in the lakes, go camping, and watch lots of tv! 






Natalie Pollock​: 

I cannot wait to be back at Shorewood this summer as an 8 and under and 9-10 coach! I am 18 years old and am currently studying and swimming for Macalester College in St Paul, Minnesota.  A bit about me: I swam with the All City League since I was six and  also competed with Badger Aquatics Club and Madison West high school. When I'm not at the pool, I can be found reading, hiking, or hanging out with my friends or the kids I babysit. I love spending time out in nature and eating as much ice cream as possible (Kemp's Moose Tracks Double Fudge is the best). I'm so lucky to have been a part of the Shorewood swim community for almost my entire life and am looking forward to an amazing summer!



Dane Sheehan:

I’m hyped to Coach 9/10s this Summer! I swam at Shorewood for 11 years and coached Little Sharks in 2019 so I’m super excited to return to the team! My favorite memory was leading cheers as co-captain, while marching through tent city on the final day of All-City 2018. During the school year I attend UW-Whitewater, where I spend much of my time taking photos and video at sporting events. I’m Looking forward totransferring my enthusiasm for meet setup into a fun summer of helping everyone swim their best!







Eliza Miller​:

Hi!!! My name is Eliza Miller I am super duper excited for my first summer as an official Shorewood Hills coach! I am 18 years old and I just graduated from Madison West High School. I am headed to Dartmouth College next year in Hanover, New Hampshire to study Government/History! I have a loooong swimming history in Madison: in high school, I was captain of the West Women's swim team. I swam for Badger Aquatics Club since the age of 10, and graduated to coaching the "Little Badgers" and "Trophy" groups this past winter and spring. This is my last year swimming at Shorewood :( rounding out my 14 years as a SHARK, but I am so excited to be co-captain and "swoach" for SW! When I am not in the water swimming or coaching, I love hiking, reading, or making a bagel run to Bagels Forever (blueberry bagel with strawberry cream cheese)! I love love love Shorewood with all of my heart, and I can't wait for an incredible summer! YEE!

Head Dive Coach:

Molly Hampton:  My name is Molly Hampton and I am extremely excited to sta rt my first year as head diving coach! In addition, I will be coaching dive lessons! I am a current diver on the UW- Madison Swim and Dive team. I will just have finished my freshman year at the start of the summer season. I specialize in the 10 meter event. I am from Indianapolis, IN and dove for the Olympic coach, John Wingfield , for all of high school! In addition to being a diver, I have coached every summer for 4 years and helped my clubs assistant coaches with high school seasons. I am so exc
ited to share my knowledge and love for diving with the Shorewood Community! I cannot wait for what I know will be an amazing summer with all of the Shorewood Sharks!
Assistant Dive  Coaches: 
Rian Wells: I’m an incoming senior at Madison West High School and I have been diving for 6 years all starting at Shorewood; which is definitely the best team by far. This will be my first year coaching and I am very excited to see what this season brings. A few things about me; during the fall and winter, you can catch me diving for Madison West and after that a dive team based out of Milwaukee. Then during the spring, I play lacrosse for west side and start to become eager for our pool to open their doors for another fantastic summer. Although, most of my time over the summer is spent poolside, I enjoy going for bike rides with friends and listening to music (country being my favorite). I can’t wait to meet new people and see familiar faces on the team, let’s have the best summer yet!
Hope Imaizumi:  This is my first year as an assistant diving coach for Shorewood Hills. I think the best part about coaching is the opportunity to build a supportive community. I’m a recent transplant from Michigan and I can’t wait to get connected. I’ve been involved in the sport for about 15 years. I learned how to dive as a young kid at a neighborhood program, I continued diving in a USA club and my school teams, and I had the privilege of coaching my high school team after college. When I’m not by the pool, you can find me advocating for disability rights, walking my big dog, eating ice cream, and adventuring with my awesome husband. I’m looking forward to meeting the team and having some fun at the pool this summer!