Dive Meets 101

IMPORTANT: To be a dive team member, you must be a member of Shorewood pool, and pay your fees for Swim & Dive team to the Village of Shorewood Hills.  You must also register and sign waivers on the Swim & Dive team website: www.shorewoodswimanddive.com BEFORE you can compete at any meets, and only through this online registration at the team website will you get weekly emails and updates from the coaches!!  Go to www.shorewoodswimanddive.com ASAP and get registered today!

Dive meets are absolutely fun for the kids.  This will give you an overview of what to expect at our dive meets.

What to Bring to a Meet: 
- At least two towels and/or a Sammy to dry-off and keep warm 
- Extra Clothing: If it is cool outside, it is nice to have a fleece blanket, sweats. 
- Entertainment: cards are nice, but typically the kids socialize together. 
- Water: Stay hydrated during the event! 
- Snacks/Treats: Sharing with the team is a tradition-please make it peanut and nut-free. 
Some kids make brownies/Rice Krispie treats, cookies, others bring lolly pops, fruit, etc. 
- Concessions: The Shorewood Pool concessions stand is open during dive meets should you need a snack or drink for your diver. 
What Time do Pre-Meet Warm Ups Begin? 
Home dive meet warm ups begin at 3 pm. There is a 1 hour break while the away team warms up. The meet begins at 5 pm. Away meet warm ups begin at 4 pm at the meet location. 
What is the Order of Events? 
The 10 & Unders are the first to dive in a meet. The girls dive prior to the boys. Then the 11-12 year old divers compete, followed by the 13-14 year old divers. Last to dive are the 15 & older 
divers. Sometimes the last two age groups are combined in order to move the meet along more quickly. 
What is a Required Dive? 
The required dive is the first dive of the competion, and it is selected by the host pool coaches prior to the meet. For example, the required dive for the first meet may be a forward dive. This 
means that a diver must select from that dive group. So, an acceptable required dive could be a forward dive in pike position, a forward dive with 1 somersault, and so on.

What are Optional Dives? 
The remaining dives for a diver after the required dive are optional dives. The sum of dives performed by a diver must come from at least 4 different groups of dives, and no more than 2 can 
come from any one dive group. 
How Many Dives Does My Child Perform? 
That depends on the age of your child as of June 1st of this year. 
If your child is 10 and younger: 5 dives (but only needs to know 4 dives to join the team). 
If your child is 11 and older: 6 dive (but only needs to know 5 dives to join the team). 
How Does My Child Sign Up for a Dive Meet? 
Have your child talk to the coaches early in the week. They will teach you child how to fill in an Individual Diver Score Sheet and help select dives for that diver. 
How Long is a Dive Meet? 
That depends on how many divers are competing. When Shorewood competes against a small team like Maple Bluff or Nakoma, a meet can be finished by 7 pm. When Shorewood competes 
against a larger team like Park Crest or Ridgewood, the meet may last until 8:30 pm or later. 
Can't Volunteer for the Duration of the Meet? 
Please consider volunteering during 1 or 2 age events (ie, 10 & under and/or 11-12). We can use your help to keep the meet running safely, effectively, and in a timely manner. Thanks! 
Can My Child be on Swim Team too? 
Yes, Shorewood has a number of Dual Athletes! Some kids practice their starts with the Swim Team between 4 pm and 5 pm during home meets, but not during the actual meet. 
Does My Child Need a Team Suit? 
No, but if you want to purchase one, you may do so at Simply Swimming.