Shorewood Swim & Dive Team Handbook
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Important Info for Swim & Dive Parents!
Organization and Structure:
The Shorewood Hills Swim & Dive Team is a not-for-profit organization offered to pool members’ children at a minimum fee. The coaches are pool staff that work cooperatively with the team members, their parents, the Parent Committee and the pool manager.
The Parent Committee is an all-volunteer group of parents committed to helping coaches and the teams by organizing safe and efficient home swim and dive meets, in addition to fun social events for the teams. Parent volunteers are essential to the functioning of the team and it is expected and required that at least one adult from each family will assist at every home meet in which their child participants.
Should you have any question about volunteering, etc, contact a parent committee member by submitting an email to [email protected] or [email protected].
Our main communication pathway to families is via e-mail and website. Sign up online to receive the swim team and/or dive team e-mails. Register your swimmer and/or diver on our Team Unify site,, and you will get these newsletters. That's it.
The website has an online calendar, lists events, and allows you to sign up to volunteer.
Swim & Dive Team Philosophy
The number one goal of the Shorewood Hills Swim & Dive Team is to have fun while learning the sport of competitive swimming and diving. Our hope is to provide an environment in which kids can improve upon their abilities and participate in low-key competitions, all while having a good time. By keeping team participation fun and exciting we can ensure that kids will continue to enjoy being a part of the Shorewood Shark family and work to achieve their individual competitive goals.
Please volunteer to work the meets in which your child participates. Well-run meets are a hallmark of Shorewood! You can sign up online at and look for the link. These meets are run completely by volunteers—we rely upon our swim and dive team families!!
Concessions (Swim Meets Only)
All families must donate an item to sell at the concession stand for each home meet that their child participates. A list of items is provided on the team website:
Have the items pre-cut in a pan or individually wrapped, and bring them to warm ups before the meet. Popular items are:
  • Fresh fruit cups, sliced oranges, (watermelon slices, apples and bananas do not sell or keep well), cut up vegetables
  • Bags of trail mix, gorp, puppy chow, chips, pretzels
  • Fruit roll ups, fruit snacks, beef jerky
  • Cookies, bars, muffins, rice krispie treats, brownies, cupcakes
  • Juice boxes, freezer pops (no Jello; it melts!)
Families are asked to sign up electronically to bring homemade treats, fruits, and non-perishable items to the swim meet concessions. All concession items must be delivered to the pool no later than 7 AM the morning of the meet.
Team Apparel:
There are many options for team clothing available to show everyone you’re a Shark:
  • Team suits can be purchased at our local vendor (see Team Store link at, but are not required.
  • Team shirts are given to all registered members of the swim team and are handed out at the annual Parents and Coaches Meeting.
  • Team sweats, other shirts, etc, are also available to purchase, but are not included in the swim or dive team fee. (see Team Store link at
More Questions?:
The Swim and Dive Team has a very well-regarded website, On it you will find links for Events (Swim and Dive meets, social events), Practice Schedules, Coach information, All-City Week information, as well as links for News, and Volunteering. This website, along with weekly coach emails to team families, is the primary source of team information. Please refer to it frequently to keep informed. Keeping informed is the responsibility of the team parent as well as the swimmer/diver!
Coaches are always happy to answer any questions that you may have. They are available before and after every practice. Please do not try to talk to coaches during practice due to the large number of swimmers and divers they are responsible for coaching. If you need to contact a coach outside of practice times you could either call the pool (608-266-2559) and leave a message for them, or send an email to [email protected] or [email protected] .
Dive Team Information

Practices (please attend only 1 practice per day):
  • 12:00 PM to 1:15 PM Monday -Thursday --OR--
  • 4:45 PM to 6:00 PM Monday -Thursday
  • Friday practice is only for divers competing later that day in the meet: 12 PM – 1:15 PM.
  • Special Mid-Week Practices on days of Mid-Week Meets to be held from 12 PM – 1:15 PM. These practices are only for divers competing later that day.
Dive Team participants must be able to perform the following number of dives in order to join the dive team. 10 & Under: 4 dives; 11 & Up: 5 dives. These can come from any of the following categories (but no more that 2 within each category): Front, Back, Inward, Reverse, and Twist.
During the first 2 weeks of practice (beginning the first Monday of June), practices will be open to all who wish to join the team, and think they have 4 or 5 dives. At the conclusion of the week, the coaches will decide if a participant is ready to join the dive team or should continue with dive lessons. If your child is asked to continue dive lessons, but during the course of lessons attains his/her number of dives to participate on the team, they may join the team at that time.
Dive lessons are offered at Shorewood Pool in the morning at 10:30, 11:00, and 11:30 AM. Again, these lessons are open ONLY to those who are not on the Dive Team.
Dive Meets:
Dual Meets: We have seven dual meets, typically on Friday evenings, but sometimes on week nights. Meets are not mandatory, however we encourage kids to participate because they are a lot of fun and promote team community and spirit.
The meets are participatory with a focus on fun and low-key competition. The divers are divided into four age groups: 10 & unders , 11-12s , 13-14s , and 15-18s . The age group of the divers is determined by their age as of June 1st. The meets start with the youngest age group, with girls diving prior to the boys in each age group, and end with the oldest age group. The first dive for each participant is the meet's sole required dive; the remaining 4 or 5 are called voluntary dives. Typically the competitions begin at 5 PM with the 10 & unders and typically finish around 7 PM – 8 PM with the older age groups. Meet warm-ups will begin at 3 PM for home meets and 4 PM for away meets. The exact timing of the meet (both start and finish times) varies depending on the size of the team we are competing against.

Items to Bring to a Dive Meet: Your diver will want at least 2 towels, regardless of the weather.  On cool days, it is nice to have a shammy or towel to dry off after each dive, plus a dry towel to use to keep warm. On those cool days a thermos of hot cocoa and warm clothing (hat, fleece blanket) can be handy, too. It is also a dive team tradition for dive meet participants to bring yummy treats to the meet to share with teammates (no peanuts or nuts).
All City Dive Meet is the Monday and Tuesday of All City Week. This is the season finale where Shorewood competes against the eleven other dive teams in the Madison All-City League. In order to be eligible to compete in the All-City Meet, a diver must have competed in at least three dual meets during the summer. While this meet continues to promote participation, it is a championship meet and will have a stronger emphasis on competition.

Meet Sign-in Procedure: For each dual meet, divers will fill out a competition sheet with the coaching staff during practice on the Tuesday preceding the Friday meet (earlier for mid-week meets). Therefore, attendance at practice on these days is crucial to ensure that a diver has the correct dives and is entered into the competition. Talk with your coach about how to select dives and prepare your dive order. All-City sign up is completed by mid-July. Your diver must sign up with the coach before the deadline (often July 15), or they will only dive for fun (not award-eligible).
Parent Responsibility:
Parent volunteers are essential to the success of the team, and it is expected that at least one adult from each family will assist at every home meet in which their child is participating. Dive meets are much smaller and shorter than swim meets, and the work is very easy! We need parent volunteers at meets, typically 3 or 4 meets per season . Please sign-up and help out so we can start the meets on time and run them efficiently. It is also a great way to meet other dive team parents. Sign up online at or email the dive team parent at [email protected].
Short List of Volunteer Positions: Volunteers help with aiding the younger divers on the deck (informing them of their next dive, getting them on deck), awards preparation and distribution, scorekeeping (paper and keyboarding), announcing, and also meet set up. We also would like families to sign up to bring treats to share with the team.
A Swim & Dive Team picnic is held at the pool at 6:30 PM on the  Sunday after All-CIty week to celebrate the finish of the season.
Still unsure how to pack for a swim meet? Or just want a primer on diving? Get those questions answered at: Look under Info and Documents and click on Dive Meets 101.
Coaching Staff: Visit
Swim Team Information
The swimmers’ age is determined by their age as of June 1st. Below are the same groups in which the swimmers will compete with the exception of the 13 & olders (divided into 13-14s and 15-18s for competition) and Little Sharks (who compete in one special event at our last home meet). The main practice for all groups is in the morning. The coaches highly recommend that swimmers make at least three morning practices per week.
It is crucial that swimmers arrive at practice ON TIME. The coaches use the beginning of practice to make announcements. Swimmers arriving late will miss these announcements and will disrupt the flow of practice.
Evening practices: For the 10 & unders, practice focuses on stroke technique and provide swimmers with a little more individualized attention. The 11 & older practice offers stroke development and additional yardage for those interested in more aerobic training. Friday afternoon practices focus on starts and turns and to prepare swimmers for the upcoming meet. While these practices are a great way to get some extra help, they are designed to be supplementary to the morning workouts and should not be the only practices a swimmer attends.
Swim Team participation guideline:
All children on swim team must be able to swim 50 yards (2 lengths of the pool) with 1 minute of rest between lengths. There will be testing of swimmers at the beginning of the season.
Little Sharks: For children unable to complete the two lengths but who want to be on the swim team we offer Little Sharks.
Little Sharks Practices: Tuesdays & Thursdays from 9:15 AM-10:00 AM.
  • Swimmers must be at least 5 years old;
  • Swim 1 length of the pool (25 yards with any combination of movements) without stopping;
  • Must be registered with the Shorewood swim team
  • Swimmers may move to regular Swim Team 8 & under practices once they are able to meet the requirement for joining swim team. They may test into swim team at any time during the season.
Little Sharks can provide supplemental work for young swimmers to get better at all four competitive strokes. It will also give kids the chance to be on the team even if they aren't quite ready to fully participate in practices. They will be encouraged to attend all swim team events to support the team and they will receive their own swim and dive team t-shirt. Little Sharks have the option of swimming at the last home meet in a special event just for them.
At the beginning of the summer some children may not be strong enough to complete two lengths of the pool; please consider joining Little Sharks. At any point, kids in Little Sharks can move to the swim team when they can swim two lengths (50 yards) of the pool.
Dual meets: There are seven dual meets throughout the season. Typically they are held on Saturday mornings, but sometimes there are mid-week meets (the mid week meets are typically on Wednesdays and begin at 4:30 PM or 5 PM). Meets are not mandatory, but we encourage kids to participate because they are a lot of fun, we show people how much team spirit we have and it gives swimmers an opportunity to show the results of their hard work. The meets are participatory with a focus on fun and low-key competition. Typically meets begin at 8 AM and finish around noon, with warm-ups starting at 7 AM for 10 & unders and 7:15AM for 11 & olders. The exact timing of the meet (both start and finish times) varies depending on the size of the competing team.

For each dual meet a swimmer must either “sign-up” or “sign-out” on our team website by the TUESDAY before the meet (for Saturday meets). Each week, the coaches will send an email of the meet entries by 5:00 PM on WEDNESDAY. We ask that parents review for accuracy and respond with any problems by THURSDAY at 5:00 PM. Relay assignments will be posted at the pool, by 4:00 PM on Friday evenings. Swimmers should sign up for their best or favorite two individual events and will be placed on relays accordingly (let coaches know if you do not want to be in relays). Please make sure that you sign-up for the meet ONLY if you are positive you will be available. Our relays require exact numbers and if we have just one kid scratch it can leave us scrambling for swimmers. Signing-up (or out) early is crucial to ensure that the coaches have enough time to get an accurate entry before the meet. Sign-up deadlines for All-City are typically 2 weeks before All-City swim.
All City Meet is the Thursday, Friday and Saturday of All City Week. It’s the season finale where Shorewood competes against the twelve other teams in the All-City League. This meet promotes participation; however, it is a championship meet and has a stronger emphasis on competition. Thursday and Friday are dedicated to preliminary individual events and one relay event. The top 16 qualifiers swim in the finals and consolation finals on Saturday. All 8 & under relays swim on Friday (please find your team at the team's tent!). All 9-10 and 13 & Up relays swim on Saturday. There are team and individual awards for high placement. To compete in All City, swimmers must swim in a minimum of 3 DUAL meets during the season.

Curious how to pack for a swim meet? Or what to do if your swimmer is sick on a meet morning? How about just a primer on the order of events for a swim meet? Get those questions answered at: Look under Info and Documents and click on Swim Meets 101.

During All-City, the captains pair an 8 & under swimmer with a 13 & older swimmer. The older buddy will give their younger buddy a few token gifts such as bubbles and cards, with a value no greater than $10. The older kids also cheer for their buddies during the Friday swims if they are available. A gift for the older swimmer is optional.
A Swim & Dive Team picnic is held at the pool at 6:30 PM on the  Sunday after All-City week to celebrate the finish of the season.
Coaching Staff: Visit