Due to COVID-19 we are unable to share equipment this year. Therefore all swimmers will need to provide their own kickboard for practice. Kickboards can be purchased at Pannell Swim Shop located in the Keithshire Shopping Center, 3330 Partner Place, Lexington, KY 40503.(see website below)

All Athletes are encouraged to wear goggles and to keep a back-up pair on hand in case of emergency.

Appropriate competition swimwear is required for all competition level groups at all times, including practice. No two-piece suits of any kind will be permitted at competitions. 

All swimmers, including Jrs. will be provided a team t-shirt (same as short sleeve shirt in shirt shop below) as a part of their registration.

2022 Team Suits: 

Team Suits are optional and can be purchased through Agon Swim at our official team site. https://www.agonswim.com/teams/125410. Or you can just go to www. argonswim.com/teams and search for Firebrook Firefish between April 10 and April 17th. We have two style options for girls.


You can also purchase additional custom Firebrook gear such as XL mesh gear bags (big enough for kick boards), medium mesh bags (sak pack size), flip flops, towels and masks through this site. A portion of the proceeds goes to FBST as a fundraiser for team activities. 

These suits and other items are high quality, completely custom, designed specifically for our team, and made to order. All orders from this site will be shipped directly to the FBST Board member in charge of our "Spirit Wear" and we will distribute all orders at practice upon reciept. This allows us to take advantage of bulk pricing and shipping. To take advatage of our group pricing and shipping your suit MUST be ordered between April 10 and April 17, 2022. If you order before or after these dates you will not get the group price or shipping and run the risk of your suit not being here in time for the first meet.

We will host a suit fitting at the Firebrook Clubhouse on April 10 from 2:30 - 4:30 pm for those who would like to try on samples. We will also send out information regarding the general sizing based upon review by Board members' kids as soon as we have the samples in hand. 

2022 Team Caps:

This year you will be able to purchase team caps directly from us. More information about cost to come.


2022 Firefish Shirt Shop:

Each swimmer will recieve this t-shirt with their registration. You can purchase additional hoodies, long sleeve T's, hats, shorts, special Firebrook Masters and other apparell to show your team spirit through 10th Planet promotions. A portoin of all sales help to support our team! Order by May 11th to ensure delivery by the start of the Season!

Conference Apparel:

check back for details