Coaching Staff

Marie McSweeney, Head Coach

Coach Marie McSweeney

Marie McSweeney is Head Coach of the Tidalwaves Swim Team as well as the Head Coach of Tam Masters, an adult swim team recognized for its excellence in the US. Marie has developed Tidalwaves into a foundational swim and athletic experience for thousands of children in our community -- in fact, many of our team's current parents fondly remember being coached by Marie when they were young! 

Marie has the ability to encourage, motivate, and support swimmers, young and old, in a POSITIVE way that focuses on transferring her love of the sport to her swimmers. On top of that, she has an unbelievable memory for names and swim times. You, too, will marvel at the way she can tell them all apart even when they are all wet! This will be Marie's 30ish year with Tidalwaves. 

Have a coaching question or concern about your child?

Coach Marie is always open to talking to you. However, during practice and meets Marie needs to be focused on ALL the kids in the water. This is for safety reasons as well as to ensure all swimmers get the most out of their practice and meet experience. The best way to let Marie know you have a coaching question or concern is via:

Alex Sennhenn, Assistant Coach

Alex Sennhenn started competitive swimming three years ago when he swam for Warren Lager on the College of Marin team. After two successful seasons swimming for Warren, Alex transitioned to US Masters, where he currently competes with the Tamalpais Aquatic Masters (under Coach Marie!).

Laura Gross, Assistant Coach

Laura is in her fourth year coaching with Tidalwaves. She originally swam for the Sebastopol Sea Serpents.