Team Gear and Apparel

All Tidalwaves swimmers should bring a swimsuit, googles, fins, and an optional swim cap to practice. Tidalwaves also sells team apparel and accessories, including team parkas, sweats, t-shirts, hats, towels, water bottles, and more.

Team Suits

Team suits are both beneficial for the swimmer at meets, because of their make, and because they help the swimmers feel like they are part of the team.  We recommend purchasing a team suit. 

Team suits can be ordered during one of the early weeks of the season. T&B Sports comes to Redwood on two nights, usually the second week of practice, to take team suit orders. If you cannot place your order at the swimming pool on one of these nights you can place your order directly with T&B Sports on 4th Street in San Rafael, or online.

Any items ordered during this time frame will be available for pick up at Pizza/Cheer night.  Any items not picked up at Pizza/Cheer will be available at Time Trials, the next day. Can't make it those two days? Ask a friend to pick up for you. 

Custom Swim Caps

Nothing helps a Tidalwaves swimmer feel more like they are part of the team than wearing a Tidalwaves logo on their cap. And nothing helps a Tidalwaves coach, parent or Age Group Coordinator identify a Tidalwaves swimmer better than a Tidalwaves cap with a NAME on it! Our swimmers do all kind of look alike when they are all wet.

Cap orders can be placed online at the beginning of the season -- visit the Cap Orders event and click the button in the upper right corner to get started. 

Caps are sold in packs of two for $35/order, and each cap in the order has the same name on it. To buy two caps, order one pack. To buy four caps, order two packs. Caps will be available for pick up at Pizza/Cheer night or at Time Trials.

New parent tip: Last names are best on the caps, as there are often too many Chloes, Alexs, Catherines, Grahams, and so on. You get the picture.


Fins are required for all Tidalwaves swimmers, including tadpoles.  Please see this flier for the specific type and where to buy them. That said, Tidalwaves does have a number of donated fins that can be borrowed for the season if needed. Please ask at the start of the season. You will want to label your fins with a permanent marker. 

Parkas, Sweats, and Other Tidalwaves Apparel

Tidalwaves parkas and sweats are available for order online from T&B Sports, or at all Tidalwaves home meets. If you order online, you'll have the option of having your child's name embroidered on the jacket or printed on the sweats (worth it, if you think your child ever may misplace those items). 

The gear table at Tidalwaves home meets also offers various t-shirts, hats, towels, car magnets, water bottles, and other fun items for purchase. Cash or credit accepted!