Reminder: Early Registration Discount Expires on January 31st (plus early gear order opportunity)

Liz Foley
Jan 23, 2019

A few important reminders as we head into the tail end of January: 1) Early Registration Discount expires on January 31st, 2) we have an opportunity to order warm Tidalwaves gear Early, 3) Sports Basement has a 20% off offer for ANYONE who shows a special Tidalwaves flyer which just so happens to coincide with a great time to make sure fins still fit and ANYTHING else you need this time of year and 4) NEW 8 & Under Assessments are coming up starting February 9th for Redwood swimmers.

Reminder: Early Registration Discount Expires in 8 days

For anyone who intends to register, the early registration discount expires on January 31st.  Register before then and save $25/swimmer:

Click here to register for the 2019 Spring/Summer Tidalwaves Season!

Reminder: Check and Make Sure Fins Still Fit, and Sports Basement has a Coupon for US!

This year, the NEW Sports Basement store in Novato would like to partner with our team and offer us discounts for shopping with them!  They're even going to give a portion of the sales we generate back to the team!  Even better, they are in the process of getting our required swim fins in stock and are looking into coming to Splash Week, and the start of practice at COM to sell direct to us.  More details on this opportunity as soon as I have them, but in the meantime, here is the flyer that explains the 20% off offer to ANYONE who shows the flyer at the store during the period, February 9 - February 24th.  Feel free to share with your friends, ANYONE who shows the flyer with a purchase during this period, helps us raise money for our team.  Flyer can be shown on your phone, or printed, either is ok.  Now that is community support!  

Reminder: Special Pre-Season Team Gear Order Opportunity Expires January 27th!  

Get a jump on ordering some of the WARM team gear that everyone wants at the very start of the season.  Through the below link you can place a pre-season order for swim parkas, Tidalwaves sweatshirts and sweatpants-all those things that will help your swimmer get excited about swimming on some of the chillier Spring nights!

Pre-season orders may be placed through T&B Sports NOW through January 27, 2019.  Click here: to place an order online.  Alternatively, you can order at T&B Sports (1345 Fourth Street, San Rafael) or by calling them at 415-453-2433.  Swim parkas are $95+ $7 to embroider your swimmer's name (a good investment!) + tax.  Adult and child sizes available.

T & B will notify you when your order comes in (estimated 2-6 weeks).

Orders with T&B are done in Groups.  Now through 1/27/19 is Group 1.  The next order will open in late February and close approximately 2 weeks later.  As such, swim parkas ordered with the next order will not arrive until approximately May 1st.  If you would like a swim parka EARLY in the season, please place your order prior to 1/27/2019! 

To answer a popular question:  Team suits will be available to order at the conclusion of Splash Weeks, so early March.  More information about that order will be sent closer to that time.

Reminder:  New 8 & Under Assessments to be held February 9th and 13th

Spread the word, anyone with a swimmer age 8 or younger interested in joining Tidalwaves or Tidalwaves' Tadpole program should register for an assessment and then sign up for one (at the conclusion of registration).  These dates and times are coming up quick!

 Child's Practice Location Assessment Location Assessment Date Assessment Times
College of Marin, Kentfield   College of Marin, Kentfield*

February 13, 2019

2:30 pm - 4:00 pm

Redwood Redwood February 9, 2019 12:30 pm - 2:30 pm

*College of Marin, Kentfield Address:  835 College Ave, Kentfield.