Practice Groups Are Available on the Website

Liz Foley
Mar 10, 2019

Thank you everyone for your patience while we got this information posted!  Click here to see the practice group assignments.  Remember, you will need to be logged into your Team Unify Account to see the information.  See below for answers to commonly asked practice group assignment questions.

When does practice start?

Regular practice starts Monday, 3/11/2019 for all Redwood swimmers!  COM swimmers and Tadpoles started practice 2 weeks ago.

What is the Practice Schedule?

The practice schedule is on the website, and will stay there.  Click here to see the practice schedule We will now be following the March 11-May 5th Schedule.  Please note that our practice schedule will shift as of May 6th when the Redwood High School team's season ends.  The "Mid May - End of June" Schedule is also posted.

Additionally, there will be a different practice schedule over Redwood's Spring Break (April 8th - April 12th).  This schedule will be posted when it is ready...shooting for a week from tomorrow.

Why Aren't the High School Swimmers Listed on the Practice Group Page?

Pure laziness on my part, really.  Since they don't start practice until May 6th, I left them off.

When Do the Saturday 'Focused Instruction' Practices Begin?

As of 3/16/19-This coming Saturday!  These Saturday practices are held at Redwood but are open to ALL 'team level' swimmers, including our COM 8 & Under Blue swimmers. These sessions will be held almost every Saturday until our meet season begins on April 27th.  These are all free (and are optional)!  The sessions focus on starts and turns.  The Saturday schedule is also posted. We look forward to seeing LOTS of swimmers take advantage of these opportunities.

The 11 & Up Practice Groups and Times have Shifted (a little)...why?

Just trying to maximize pool space.  We had more pool space available at 5:15 than at 6:30, so Marie took the opportunity to create three different, but more balanced practice groups for our 11 & Up swimmers:  Classic 11 & ups, Early 11 & ups, and 12 & ups.  

What if I Can't Find My Child's Name on the Practice Group Page?

Probably an error on my part...send me an e-mail and I'll track it down for you. The names are sorted by last name, and there are a lot of names! 

What if My Child's Birthday is after May 4th?

Cut off dates are always a bit tricky...there are always some people just before and some just after.  To maintain the integrity of our Age Group Practice Group model, we use a child's birthday as the date on which he or she should switch to an older age group practice.  Marie is always aware of upcoming birthdays and will send you a note when she believes your child should switch to a new practice group. 

What if My 8 & Under Blue Swimmer is Listed at Redwood, but We Prefer COM?

This is an easy change that Adrienne is happy to make.  We can easily accomodate 10 more swimmers at COM and it would be great to lighten the load at Redwood.  COM is great for our beginner swimmers that can benefit from more individualized attention (and an earlier in the day practice time)!  Much better for the younger ones, but only if you can make the time.  Just shoot an e-mail to and Adrienne will make the change for you.  Conversely, if your swimmer is listed at COM and you prefer Redwood, please let Adrienne know.  For our 8 & Under Blue swimmers, we request that you declare your 'primary' practice location--the location that your child will swim the majority of their practices at.  If they need to make one or two practices a week at the other location, it is o.k., although it makes it more difficult on coaches, and sometimes your kids.  The key is to aim for consistency.    

What if I Would Like My Child in a Different Practice Group?

A lot of thought goes into practice group make-up.  Marie and the coaches are looking for the best possible experience for all of the kids on the team, individually and as a group...our coaches hope you can support your child in explaining that practice group assignments are the coaches' decisions.  They can and do change over time and if you have a specific concern please communicate with coach Marie.

Please remember to come a couple minutes early to make sure your child gets checked-in at the gate before practice and is ready to go at practice time!  Ready means:  hair ties tied, caps on, goggles and fins ready to go.

What Does an Asterick Mean Next to a Swimmer's Name?

"Needs More Assessment".  Those swimmers whose name has an asterick next to it, are ones that Marie would like to see at a few more practices before she is sure of their practice group.  She will communicate with parents when she feels she has a better idea of your child's practice group.

Who Will Be Checking the Swimmers In?

At COM, Coach Marie or one of the assistant coaches will check swimmers in.  At Redwood, starting Monday, we have a few of our High School swimmers learning the trade and taking over.  The good news for the kids is that Andre, Vova, and Caitlin are much younger and have much better memories, so they should know all the kids in a much shorter time!  Remind swimmers to check in.  Starting soon, we will be rolling out our Attendance Incentive Award program!  More information coming in the Weekly News!

Can We Go Onto the Deck to Help Our Swimmers Shower or Get Their Towel at Practice End?

In as polite a way as I can communicate, the answer to this is a clear NO.  Thank you for understanding that this is a Tidalwaves Board Policy that exists to ensure the safety and best practice experience for ALL swimmers and our coaches.  No parents on the deck period during practice.  If your swimmer has trouble finding his or her towel in the cubby after practice, consider keeping the towel outside of the gate and having your child come to you.  The showers may be utilized by the kids, but only if they can use them on their own.  Most swimmers shower at home. 

When Will the Swimmers Use Fins?

Fins are being used at every practice.  Please have your child mark his or hers in a way that makes them identifiable to the child, and remind your child to BRING them to and FROM practice.

Lost and Found?

There is a lot to gather up at the end of practice, and for many of our swimmers these first two weeks of Splash presented logistical challenges.  We get it.  No worries.  Going forward, please discuss with your child that the coaches are not responsible for things they leave behind.  Found items will be left in the cubbies at Redwood.  Parents can look through the cubbies before practice starts (before 5:15).  5:15 and after, swimmers only looking for lost or left behind items.

Is Registration Still Open?

YES!  We still have room for more swimmers, especially 8 & Unders!  We think the cold, wet weather may have some interested swimmers holding back.  Let your friends know it is not too late to join!  If they are 8 & Under, they should register for an Assessment, and Adrienne will help get one scheduled for them.  If they are 9 & Over, they can just register and we'll get them assigned to a starting practice group.  

More info Monday in the next edition of the Weekly News.  See you at the pool!