Practice Schedule Change FRIDAY, MARCH 15th, due to Redwood HS Meet

Liz Foley
Mar 14, 2019

I normally send out practice adjustments in the Monday NEWS, but this one took all of us by surprise as a Redwood High School swim meet got moved HOME for Friday AT REDWOOD.  We are assuming the High School meet will end at 6:00 and as such all of our swimmers should have a chance to practice.  Below is the adjusted practice schedule.  Parents of 8 & Unders should stay with their swimmer(s) until they are checked in at the gate, as our estimations of meet end time may be off slightly.  Please note, the Practice Schedule Change at REDWOOD DOES NOT affect practices at COM (I get that question a lot).

Practice Group Start Time End Time
8 & Under Blue 6:00 6:25
8 & Under Gold 6:00 6:35
Early 11 & Ups 6:00 6:55
9-10 Blue 6:35 7:05
9-10 Gold 6:25 7:05
Classic 11 & Ups 7:05 8:00
12 & Ups 7:00 8:00