News for Week of April 15th - April 20th

Liz Foley
Apr 15, 2019

Welcome back team!  Hopefully everyone is rested, rejuvenated, and ready to rumble as we get very close to the start of our meet season!  Jet lagged folks should read the below over a couple of times, as the information contained includes calls to 'administrative' action!  If you aren't jet-lagged, a once through read should be enough...for most.  Please note, no practice Good Friday, April 19th.

Last Redwood High School Swim Meet to Schedule Around, Thursday, April 18th

As a team, this is our first finish line of the season that we cross together...the end of the Redwood High School swim meets that impact our practice times.  Yippee!  We wish all of our high school swimmers the best of luck in this final dual meet before their MCAL season finals.  Here is the adjusted schedule for Thursday to accommodate this large swim meet:

Practice Group Start Time End Time
8 & Under Blue 6:00 6:25
8 & Under Gold 6:00 6:30
9-10 Blue 6:30 7:05
9-10 Gold 6:25 7:05
Early 11 & Ups 6:00 6:40
Classic 11 & Ups and 12 & Ups 7:05 7:55

NO PRACTICES Good Friday, April 19th

All practices are cancelled on Good Friday, that means Tadpoles, COM practice and Redwood.  Also a reminder that our Saturday start and turn clinics are now over as well.  We hope your swimmer was able to take advantage of these focused instruction opportunities.

Pizza Cheer:  A Tidalwaves Extravaganza of Team Spirit! Friday, April 26th 

Fe, Fi, Fo, Fun, Tidalwaves is # 1!  Oh, but our swimmers are so much more creative than that!  Our coaches will be helping to get the creative juices flowing and explaining the cash prize incentives to the swimmers, but for us parents: It's coming up quick and our event planners are dying to know if you are coming!  Oh, and have you heard?  We'll have GLUTEN FREE pizza available for anyone who wants to order it in advance!  You'll see this option on the fee section of the registration form.  Please let us know how many in your party want to eat this kind of pizza.   Click here to register NOW for this fun event.   Click here for more information about the event. $11.00/person if you order online, $15/person if you wait to pay at the door.  But even if money is no object, we'd still like to know in advance if at all possible so that we order the right amount of pizza!  Also, remember this is where you pick up your T & B Sports Team Gear orders and have another opportunity to buy our fabulous team gear apparel!

The Lap-A-Thon Fundraising Has Begun!

Starting this week, we want to make a BIG SPLASH toward our 99% participation and $18,000 fundraising goal.  That means big toes, knees, elbows, and even goggles and caps all going in together in terms of our TEAM effort.  Not fond of fundraising?  We hear you.  You’re not alone, but neither is our team in its need to fundraise.  Every team in the Marin Swim League does some type of fundraising to help cover operating costs.    What's that?  You get that its a team effort, but want to know the 'fair share' amount? Thanks for asking! Each swimmer's fair share is roughly $70.  Each of us only has to raise a little for our team to raise a LOT!  Here’s what our kick-off means to your swimmers:

  • Very cool, event save the date memory joggers will be distributed to swimmers at Pizza/Cheer Night
  • Lap-a-thon swimmer information, including easy reminder cards with all of the important details, will also be available (especially helpful for the 8 & Unders and 9-10 age groups).
  • But no need to wait - documents can also be found on our website right now!  Click on the "Please Help" icon on the left navigation bar.  Click on "Promote", then click on "Emails" to customize your own ask e-mails and shoot out of town friends and relatives an e-mail, or click on 'Social' and share a link on Facebook.
  • And don't forget the old-fashioned way of drumming up support -door to door!  Kids take pride in talking about their participation in this great sport, and neighbors love to hear the kids tell about their team and what it means to them-um, especially if their kids are all grown up...

When's the fun?  This MAY 20th Event is fun from start to finish!  It has MUSIC, snacks, goodies and raffle prizes almost every 5 minutes throughout!  Prizes include gift cards to Sports Basement, Jamba Juice, Mags, and Starbucks!  For the kids in each practice group that raise the most money:  Coach for the Day!  More importantly, for the practice group with the MOST PARTICIPATION, a PIZZA PARTY, plus bragging rights!  Let's make this the best Lap-a-thon ever!   GOOOO WAVES!

Time to Login To the Time Trials Meet and Enter Strokes and/or Meet Declines

The 2019 Tidalwaves' Time Trials (April 27th, 2019) swim meet is just around the corner and we are asking that you login by the registration deadline of Wednesday, April 24th, to:

1) Declare your swimmer(s) stroke choices if they will be attending. OR,

2) Declare your swimmer(s) will NOT be able to attend the meet.  That is, will be DECLINING the meet. 

Click here for more details on the declaration process and to declare.

A few important notes:

  • We assume EVERY team member is participating unless you declare otherwise.
  • Tadpoles do not swim in the meets and do not need to declare (they've already been declined).
  • High School Swimmers are eligible to swim at Time Trials, and we'd love to have them participate!  If your high school swimmer will likely not participate in MCAL finals on Saturday, please commit them to the meet! This is a great time to encourage your high school friends to register for the team soon so that we can invite them to the Time Trials meet.
  • If your child cannot attend Time Trials, don't panic.  Swimmers can go into their first meet with an 'NT' or No Time.  The NT will just place them in one of the final heats.
  • There are no relays for time trials and no ribbons--just good practice (for swimmers AND volunteers).
  • Warm Ups start at 10:00am and the meet starts promptly at 10:30.  More meet day logistics in next week's e-mail.
  • All other home meets have been set-up and are available on the website if you would like to log meet day conflicts (e.g., can only swim first half of meet or second half, etc.) or decline the meet.  These will not be 'due' until the Wednesday before each meet, but some people like to get them all out of the way at one time. 
  • Away meets are set up by the hosting team.  Only one has been set up for us so far, but the rest should be available for logging declines soon.  We will let everyone know when they are available.

Session 1 of Terrific Twenty Ends on Friday, April 19th

For all those who are working towards this tremendous goal, just a heads up that the first period finishes this week!  Friday, of course, will be counted as a no swim day, and all swimmers will receive credit for it.  Prizes will be awarded Tuesday and/or Wednesday of next week.  The next Terrific Twenty session starts on Monday!  Remember, to get better it takes practice, practice, practice!!