Final Notes Before AWAY Meet at Rolling Hills 5/11/2019

Liz Foley
May 9, 2019

This edition of the Final Words for the Week covers this Saturday's meet at Rolling Hills, as well as a Lap-a-thon Pizza Party Shout Out to our Redwood 8 & Under Blues and Golds for out participating all the other practice groups in the Lap-a-thon fundraising effort!  Many thanks for all your patience as I didn't receive a single message asking when the heat sheets would be posted!  All has to do with the host team's schedule...which for Marin Swim League historians, was hampered by having to figure out what to do when a meet is only partially for the record books!

Lap-a-Thon Participation Pizza Party Winners!!!! 

Congratulations to the Redwood 8 & Under Blue and Gold practice groups for having the highest participation in our Lap-a-Thon!  We had pizza at the end of practiceTONIGHT in honor of these "practice group team" efforts!  Well done swimmers!  Let’s keep those donations coming!  We’re doing great, but really need to ramp up the participation for this fun event that takes place in less than 2 weeks – Monday, May 20.  While raising money is one goal, we also want to encourage TEAM SPIRIT!  Participation is key – large or small amounts, it all matters!  A couple of Lap-a-Thon reminders:

  • Although the event is three hours, your child will swim for only part of that time, during their regular scheduled practice times;
  • Coach Marie has set the following lap goals:

8 & Under Blue

30 Laps

8 & Under Gold

40 Laps

9-10 Blue

40 Laps

9-10 Gold 

50 Laps

11 & up

60-100 Laps


Additional information can be found at, just login and click on the “Please Donate” button to get to your child’s page and other event information.  Or, feel free to reach out to Sully Schafer at or Jennifer Seraphine at

Rolling Hills:  Where it Is, What (Not) to Bring, and Warm-ups at 8:00am

If you've never been to Rolling Hills, it is the northern-most team in the Marin Swim League, north Novato to be exact.  Beautiful pool deck, no grass, but a nice little play area for the younger ones. If your tent needs to be stuck in the ground, not a good idea to bring it. Click here to get the address and read more notes provided for us by their team...If you missed the previous messages about the size of the pool--it is a 5 lane pool.  Please no NO SHOWS.  These are very embarrasing to our team in such a small pool.  This will be a cozy and close to the action meet!

Volunteer Check In

Jennifer Ferrari will again be checking-in volunteers at the meet.  If she has access to a Volunteer Check in table, she will be there at 8:00am.  If not, she will attend the timer's meeting for both the first half and second half of the meet and take attendance there.  She will also check in with the ribbons volunteers--in other words she will find you while you work.  For first half timers and stroke and turn judges, there will be a meeting at 8:15 with Rolling Hills head timer and referee--listen for announcements.   

Heat Sheets and Relays

Please click here to find the heat sheets for the meet along with that all important Heat/Lane Report by Swimmer (all girls listed first alpabetically by last name, then boys).  Additionally, you will also find RELAYS below the Heat/Lane Report.  All age group relay teams are made up of two boys and two girls.  Swimmers earn spots on relay teams based on their times.  Please review these relay teams carefully.  Also note that relays appear on the Heat/Lane report as well and the number next to the Heat and Lane represents the swimmers position on the team...i.e. 1st, 2nd, 3rd, or 4th.  Because this is a 5 lane pool and the home team gets the advantage of an extra lane, we only have 2 relay teams per age group.

What do Relay Swimmers Need to Know?

While we did our best to try and figure out notes, it is entirely possible that your child has been placed in a relay that s/he will not be able to make.  If this is the case, PLEASE notify our head Age Group Coordinator, Jessica Harrison (jessicajharrison@gmail.comASAP so that she may begin working with coach Marie to find a replacement.  If your child is scheduled to swim in a relay and does not show, it is disappointing to all the kids on their team.

For High School Swimmers - Check in with Coach Marie at the meet.  She will set up relays when she knows who is there.

For 8 & Under Relay Swimmers - This pool has a shallow side.  Therefore swimmers on the 2nd and 4th leg of a relay will start in the water (no shallow diving allowed)...a little unusual for our swimmers, but our coaches will help them.

What if I Declined the Meet but My Swimmer Would Like to Swim Anyway?

Typically we can accomodate these situations without too much trouble.  As long as there is an open lane in at least 1 heat of the event, we can slot a swimmer in.  We do have to let the host team know however.  I will be reaching out to the 3 people that have asked me about this.  If there are more, please shoot me an e-mail.  

Where Should Swimmers Check In?

Age Group Coordinators will most likely be stationed by the "big tree" on the pool deck as you walk into the pool area.  Please be sure to check in with the appropriate age group coordinator starting at 7:45 am

GO WAVES!  This should be a close one and a fun one!