NEWS for Week of May 13th - May 18th

Liz Foley
May 13, 2019

This week's news covers our final push in the lap-a-thon fundraising efforts (it's next Monday!!  So exciting!), the Rolling Hills meet wrap up, and getting ready for another exciting meet in a larger (and faster) Novato pool next Saturday!  Take your marks...READ!

Lap-A-Thon Update:  7 Days to Go!  All Swimmers Swim at REDWOOD on Monday, May 20th!

Thank you to all of our donors and all of our fundraisers for the pledges this past week!  If you haven't gotten to it yet (we hear that a lot), now is the time!  We have only 7 days* to go before the BIG EVENT, and a ways to go to meet our $18,000 fundraising goal!  As of right now we are at 13% participation, and we really do need 99% participation to meet our goal.  All donations, big or small, help!  Sharing the request and website Facebook and other social media sites is an easy way to ask, and can lead to really great results.

All swimmers are welcome to swim at the event next Monday, May 20, at REDWOOD.  The event will be held from 3:30 - 6:30pm, but your swimmer will come only during his or her regular practice time.  The event is SO MUCH FUN --there is music, raffle prizes every 10 minutes, and the kids LOVE to know how many laps they are swimming as they go.  Donating per lap challenges the kids to go as far as they can, and they are all REALLY PROUD of themselves at the end of the day.

Please participate in this great TEAM EVENT, both by swimming on the day of the event, and also by collecting donations for the team.  We really appreciate your participation toward this wonderful community organization.  Lastly, a reminder that you can make donations online at, or through cash or checks made out to Tidalwaves.  If your donation is by cash or check, please send an email to Jennifer Seraphine at so that we can keep track.  Can't wait until next Monday!

*We will continue to accept donations through May 27th, so that swimmrs can calculate and collect on their per lap donations, but it would be great if you can get your flat fee donations in this week.

Results for Waves @ Stingrays Meet

Saturday's GORGEOUS meet was an opportunity for incredible competion and an opportunity to experience what "home pool advantage" really means. The Rolling Hills pool is what is known to veteran swimmers as a 'slow pool'.  Fewer best times for us this week as most of our kids reported being thrown by turning in shallow water, starting on short, slippery blocks and swimming in narrow lanes with walls next to them.  But alas, its all part of the experience!  Yes swimmers, the pool was indeed still 25 yards in both directions!  Special shout outs go to our 15-18 year olds for not just winning a very exciting free relay, but also winning a point victory against a talented squad of their peers, and to our 13-14 girls who also outscored their peer group.  A great warm-up for next week's other Novato meet (in a faster pool).  For complete meet results, including the fun and inspirational improvement report, click here.  To see the swimmers who have already posted All Star times for the season, click hereThe Top 20 Times report is also posted on the website.  Just a note that there has been a change made to this report this year.  It no longer includes 'exhibition' swim times on it...

Deadline to Log Strokes, Notes, or Decline the May 18th meet AT NOVATO is THIS WEDNESDAY at 9:00am

It is time to start thinking about what your swimmers want to swim next week and just as importantly, if they can't make it to the meet we need to know that too.  Remember the deadline for meet declines, stroke choices, and notes to Coach Marie about early departures, late arrivals, etc. is Wednesday, May 15th at 9:00am.   Click here to go to the Novato Touchpad Meet--an AWAY meet on May 18th (with another 8:30am start time, so plan accordingly).  Remember, all swimmers are assumed to be swimming in the meet unless you decline for them.  To help Novato run a an efficient meet that they hopefully plan plenty of food for, we need everyone's cooperation in meeting this deadline.  Let's continue to strive for ZERO No Show/No Reasons!  Thank you!

A NOTE On AMBIGUITY:  If your swimmer is capable of swimming 3 strokes and you select fewer than that without leaving a note, it is very likely that Coach Marie will add a stroke.  If you do not want her to do that, please leave a note.  We have no way of knowing why you are only choosing 2 strokes if you don't leave a note.