News for Week of June 3rd - June 9th

Liz Foley
Jun 3, 2019

This week's NEWS covers the Scott Valley meet wrap up, a reminder that we'll have our very special Coach of the Day coaches on Friday at Redwood and COM (and we'd like to add a very surprising name to the coach of the day list), an announcement for BOWLING NIGHT after next Saturday's meet at SwiMarin, and our 4th of July Parade team is ready to start 'dancing' to victory starting this Sunday with an important planning on!

Scott Valley at Waves Meet Wrap Up

Final score this Saturday was Scott Valley 318  to Waves 236.  Fantastic competition allowed for both teams to work towards besting themselves. A deserved point victory for the Sea Serpents, but for the Waves?  The GREATEST number of BEST TIMES swum in the entire league this weekend!  Not only did we best the sea serpents best time percent 51% to 41%, we bested the entire league with 264 best times for a total of 605 seconds of improvement for the day!  Our swimmers hard work appears to be paying off, and many are primed for All Star swims this coming Saturday and next.   Click here to see the complete meet results from Saturday.  Click here to see our list of All Star qualifiers.  Finally, click here to see the list of league Top 20 swims already published for the week.

Time to Declare Strokes, Notes, and Declines by WEDNESDAY, 9:00 am

The Touchpad meet for the June 8th meet at and against the SwiMarin Sharks is on our website (Meet Start Time is 8:30am).    Click here to see the event details and to log stroke choices and meet declines.    Just as we did for last week, all swimmers have been 'Committed' to the meet. If you need to Decline the Meet for your swimmer(s), please log into your account, click on the SwiMarin meet, and Edit your commitment.  If you need help let me know. 

Additionally, if your child has specific stroke choices, please indicate those by scrolling down to the events and clicking on the checkbox next to the strokes.  Please remember that for dual meets swimmers can swim up to, and no more than 3, individual events.  Coach Marie considers all swimmer requests seriously when setting up the meet, but will always need to balance requests with what is best for the team. 

The FINAL DEADLINE FOR RECORDING ENTRIES AND MEET DECLINES IS WEDNESDAY, June 5th at 9:00am Please make your entries before then.  Also, please, please remember to leave notes for late arrivals and early departures.  This information is vital for creating viable relay teams.  We know that parents often underestimate their swimmer's speed and are taken off guard when they see their child has made a relay can happen at any time!  Please let us know if your child will not be available.  It is very disappointing for the kids who stay for the final relay and then can't swim because someone went home early.

Bowling Night, June 8th:  5:30 - 7:30pm Swimmers Ages 8 & Up - FREE!

Are your kids looking for a way to spend more time with their swim friends and coaches after a swim meet?  Here is their opportunity! 

Swimmers ages 8 & Up are welcome to join our coaches at Country Club Bowl, 88 Vivian St., San Rafael.  Time:  5:30pm- 7:30pm (or when finished).  Night includes 2 games, shoes, pizza, drinks, and cake, and there is no charge for the swimmers.  To help our coaches focus the kids more on bowling than on sizing, please remind kids of their shoe size before dropping them off (hint:  the Sharpie works well for this too!)--and don't forget those all important socks...rental shoes and all.

Parents are welcome to stay and watch or have separate games with other parents--but umm, pay for these yourselves, if you don't mind.  Also, to head off a very popular question...5, 6 and 7 year olds are not yet, gently let them know that someday they will be 8 and will get to attend this fun event, but for now it is something for them to look forward to in the future, even if older brother and sister already get to go.  They are welcome to play with mom and dad, however.  Remember these details can always be found on the website under the Events page.

4th of July Parade Performance Planning:  Sunday, June 9th 2:00-2:50

Hey Tidalwaves-this year's parade committee is starting to organize early in order to bring home the gold with our Larkspur-Corte Madera parade entry on the fourth of July. 

No pressure here team, but we have WON the last 3 years in a row, and if you've been to the parade, you kind of know, our COMMUNITY of Parade go-ers NEEDS US!  We have definitely upped the ante for this community treat, and we want to continue to raise the bar!   On Sunday June 9th at 2:00pm we are going to start planning the performance piece of the parade.  Nicole Siminoff is leading this part of this popular event and is inviting ALL swimmers age 9 and up and their parents who have an interest in performing (dancers AND gymnasts WANTED!) to join in working on our star spangled dance routine that serves as a BEAUTIFUL introduction to our marvelous float.  This is a great leadership opportunity for our tweens and teens!  Please sign up here for the meeting/practice.  Please bring your enthusiasm and ideas!  First prize comes with community bragging rights!  After this initial meeting, Nicole will work with dancers to come up with a few practice times, and plan the cosumes. Questions? Ask Nicole Siminoff, 

Kids under 9, not to fear -- you will be able to participate in the parade and on the float if you'd like. That sign up genius will come next week.  Thank you to our veteran Parade Float leads Jane Fielding, Mark Fielding, Joe Lawlor and Kathy Slaught, and new leader Nicole Siminoff for leading this event!

One More Important Coach of the Day to Add to our List of Super Fundraisers!
On Thursday last week we reported on our super fundraisers for the coveted Coach of the Day title...together this group of swimmers raised a total of $8288 dollars towards our fundraising goal...but then, we had one more fundraiser bring in her fundraising dollars...Coach Leena also put out the word that we were on a mission to keep our community organization great, and in her efforts she raised an additional $850 for our team!  Totally unexpected, and totally humbled by her efforts on the team's behalf.  Thank you coach Leena!  And her prize?  Coach of the Day doesn't quite sound right, since she already is, but maybe we make her Swimmer for the Day?  Thanks again to Coach Leena!