Fall Swim, Cal Chalk Talk/Game Op, Awards Awaiting, and Will You Take a Short Survey For Us?

Liz Foley
Jul 9, 2019

It is just about time for me to go dark for a nice long summer break, so I wanted to head off a lot of popular questions about Fall Swim, share a great opportunity that has presented itself to our team at Cal on November 9th, remind those who did not get their trophies what your final window for pickup is, and finally ask you to participate in a short Tidalwaves Survey for the 2019 Season to help us focus our efforts for the 2020 season.  Oh, and did we win?  Oh yes we did!  What, you ask?  The 4th of July parade, of course!  Our 4th year in a row for anyone (else) who is keeping track.  Congratulations to our VERY talented team of float designers, builders, performers, and helpers of all kind!  There is no better way to end the season!  

Fall Swim Schedule is Available Now on the Website

As always, please feel free to forward the information on to your friends as we spread the word...and, um, you may want to mention what Fall swim families have noticed the past few years...the weather is actually better in the Fall than in the Spring!  Here's the info:

  • Click here to see the schedule and details for Tidalwaves Tadpole and 9 & Under practice opportunities.  This schedule is available on the website, under the Programs/Practices>Fall Swim 2019 tab.  Registration will open August 10th.  Tadpole registration fills up very quickly!  Assessment registration date will be used to give priority to NEW swimmers.
  • Again this Year:  Tidalwaves and Coach Marie are teaming up with the well respected USA swim team, the Marin Pirates, to offer more swim opportunities for the kids in our community!  Coach Marie will coach with Tidalwaves and then with the Pirates in their programs which run from 3:45-5:15 pm M-F.  Please click here for more information on the Marin Pirates' programs that are suitable for swimmers ages 6-18.  Note that to register for one of the Pirates' programs you will need to register through the Pirates' website.  Pirates registration will open July 16th.
  • Questions about the Pirates' Programs?  Contact Kentfield Age Group Head Coach Marie McSweeney (mariemcswim@yahoo.com) or Pirates' Head Coach, Warren Lager (lagersmith@comcast.net).
  • Questions about the Tidalwaves' Programs?  I am happy to answer!
  • Space is Limited for All Programs.  Register Early.

Please Give Us Your Feedback!

What did you love about your 2019 experience?  What would you like to see us improve?  Your Tidalwaves Board is all ears (well, eyes really).  Why not spend 10 minutes clicking through this anonymous and quick survey to let us hear from you, our team!  We're all about making our community team the best youth sports experience in Marin for our families, so let us know how we're doing.

Cal Swim Chalk Talk, Tour, Autographs, and A Football Game on November 9th!

Our team has been invited to participate in UC Berkeley's 2nd Annual Swim Day with a football game thrown in for fun day on November 9th, 2019!  Early in June I sent out a sign up genius to see if we had enough interest within our team to meet the 20 ticket minimum to participate in this fun team bonding event.  We had the interest in spades!  Click here for a flyer from Audrey Murray at Cal Athletics (an ex-MSL swimmer herself!).  I just spoke to her today and she says they are filling up quick.  To be a part of this exciting and fun opportunity, please get in touch with her soon to secure your spot.  We are not limited to 20 seats, but they will stop selling tickets when they meet their event maximum of 600 seats.  A huge point to understand is that due to NCAA recruiting rules only swimmers ages 12 & Under may participate in the chalk talk part of the event.  However, anyone can attend the football game.  Timing of the chalk talk has not been nailed down yet (nor has the game time), but as I understand it the Swim part of the day will likely be about an hour and a half and the football game will be in the afternoon sometime.  I will send out timing details when the NCAA has finalized them.

Award Pickup for Anyone Not at Awards Banquet

Just a reminder, this year, any trophies, gifts, ribbons, and waterdog shirts not picked up at the Awards Banquet will be available for pick up at Sonya DeForrest's house (use the member search to find her address), from July 22nd - August 5th.  If you need to arrange a different pickup time you can try e-mailing Sonya at sonystad@sbcglobal.net.  All trophies not claimed will be returned to Crown Trophy for re-purposing.  We did not order enough team gifts for everyone this season.  They will be given out until they are gone.  Any ribbons not picked up will be thrown away.

Congratulations to US, the Winners of the 2019 Corte Madera/Larkspur 4th of July Parade!

Congratulations again Tidalwaves!  Our float was definitely a crowd pleaser, and again this year (for the 4th year in a row) it was also a judge pleaser!  We were the hands down winner again for our Stars and Stripes enhanced team float and dance performance.  While this was a team effort for sure, we would like to especially thank our lead:  Jane Fielding as well as our creative geniuses, Mark Fielding, and Joe, Natalie, and Lauren Lawler; persistant procurer of the truck, Kathy Slaught; and dancers Gabby Grow, Ava Pellumbi, Patty and Keelee Fielding, Ashley Vela and Malia Slaught; playlist designer and generator restarter, David Brown; coaches Marie McSweeney, Dan Crase, and Lisa Wulf, float driver Norm Slaught, and all the many, many Tidalwaves walkers and candy passer outers, as well as the many, many Tidalwaves' families that supported our team along the route!  Wow, we did it again and we did it with another Tidalwave of Spirit and Excellence! 

Go Waves!