Marin Swim League Plans for a Shortened/Extended Season

Liz Foley

As we all swim through the unchartered waters of the Covid-19 crisis, the Tidalwaves board wanted to update our team on what we know to date.  We continue to confirm and validate our commitment to each other and the well being of the community during this difficult time.  Part of well-being includes hope.  As such, the Marin Swim League, its coaches, and each of the 10 teams' boards are meeting regularly to plan for adjustments to our swim season that remain possible in the event state and county officials lift the necessary and important restrictions on gatherings and interactions during our planned season.  Here is what we know:

From League Communication

  • The league is conferencing weekly to plan for a shortened seasoned.  As of now, we know that the quarantine will continue through May 1st, so no swimming will begin before then. 
  • We will have an opportunity to extend the season into July and there is support among all coaches and boards to continue to plan for that.
  • We do not know, at this time, what a shortened season will look like, but we are hopeful that it will include practices and some number of meets (maybe even a Champs meet!)
  •  At this time, all planning for an All-Stars meet this year has been stopped.
  • Given the frequently changing public directions, there is not yet a "Go/No Go" date by which the season will be called off.

What Does this Mean for Tidalwaves?

  • Tidalwaves is continuing to plan in 30-day increments, reassessing every 2 weeks.  Therefore we are canceling practices and the following additional events over the next 30 or so days:
    • ​Pizza/Cheer night, scheduled for 4/24
    • Time Trials, scheduled for 4/25
    • Lap-a-thon, scheduled for 5/18
    • The May 2nd meet versus Sleepy Hollow is realistically also canceled.

What About Refunds?

We are fully aware that these times are creating financial insecurity and hardship for many in our community, including our coaches.  We remain committed to processing refunds for those who would like to withdraw their swimmers from the program for the season.  What we cannot do, however, is process refunds and then 're-register' swimmers at a later time if a shortened season takes place.  Therefore, we are asking that you hold your requests for refunds until you are sure you will not be participating in even a shortened season.  Refunds will be available throughout the season.  Further:

  • Our commitment to each other includes our commitment to our coaches.  Tidalwaves will continue to pay our coaches for the time that they committed to the team for the season.
  • For anyone who requests a refund, we will ask if you would like to donate a portion of your refund towards our fixed costs and coaches' salaries.
    • As we had 3 weeks of the season prior to the suspension of activities, a 'standard' refund will be as follows for each of these groups:
      • all but $75 for 'Team Level' swimmers
      • all but $95 for 'Tadpole' swimmers
      • all but $10 for 'High School' swimmers
    • If you would like to donate any or all of your refund, please indicate the dollar amount or percentage you are donating with your request.
    • Receipts for your donation will be processed at the end of the season.
  • ​For anyone who ordered and paid for a custom cap this season, due to supplier issues those orders were not placed.  We will be refunding everyone for those purchases this coming week.
  • Many of you will have questions about your T&B Sports orders.  I apologize that I cannot answer these for you as Tidalwaves does not place these orders.  If you have questions, I would suggest reaching out to T&B Sports directly.  
  • In the event of a shortened season, prorated refunds will be given for the weeks of suspended activity (less any voluntary donation).

Additional thoughts...

The Tidalwaves board, Coach Marie, and all our coaches send their love and warmest thoughts to our whole community during this time.  Coach Marie would love to hear from any and all of our swimmers!  The best way for your swimmer to connect with coach Marie is via email,  She will respond with her usual level of enthusiasm!  

Finally, we would like to offer a Tidalwave of Gratitude to the health care workers of our community who are currently on the front lines keeping us safe and healthy.  Thank you for all you do for the community!