Tidalwaves Continues to Plan for a Short Swim "Season" for Team Level Swimmers...

Liz Foley

Sorry! This message was sent out on April 15th.  I just realized it was only sent to those with team level swimmers...sending now to those with Tadpole swimmers.  Again, so sorry!


Since our March 27th communication, many planning Zooms have occurred.  While your Tidalwaves Board continues to hold out hope that the Redwood High School pool will be available to our swimmers for some period of time this summer, we want to make sure everyone is aware of the updates we have received over the last two weeks. And if you read to the end, Coach Marie has a creative request that our swimmers may want to participate in...

The News on Pool and League Resources

  • The College of Marin, Kentfield (COM) pool is currently closed until June 1st.  Due to our inability to extend pool use beyond our originally scheduled June 12th date, it is with sadness that we are CANCELLING our Tadpole program for 2020.  Please see refund details below.
  • The Redwood High School pool has now been closed through June 12th.  Because our pool time at Redwood can extend possibly to as far out as August 7th, 2020, we are continuing to plan for some sort of swim practice/inter-team time trial(s) during the June 15th - August 7th timeframe for any swimmers who would like to participate.  Please know that we will continue to follow all guidelines from the State of California and the Marin County Public Health Department.  The details of our 4-6 week "season" will be based on the guidelines we receive once given the go-ahead to resume activities. 
  • The Marin Swim League has canceled the "official" Marin Swim League 2020 season.  Please see the official statement from the Marin Swim League board here.  What does this mean?  Given the disparity of resources available to each of the ten teams in the league, it became prohibitive to continue to plan for our usual dual meet events and Champs that make up the officially sanctioned season.  In canceling the official MSL season, each team retains its ability to plan for its own shortened season using the resources available to it.  Tidalwaves and a few other teams continue to plan, as stated in the previous bullet.   

What About Refunds?

As discussed in the March 27th communication, we are fully aware that these times are creating financial insecurity and hardship for many in our community, including our coaches.  We remain committed to processing refunds for those who would like to withdraw their swimmers from the program for the season.  What we cannot do, however, is process refunds and then 're-register' swimmers at a later time if a shortened season takes place.  Therefore, we are asking that you hold your requests for refunds until you are sure you will not be participating in even a shortened seasonRefunds will be available throughout the season, but will only be given if you ask for one.  Further:

  • Our commitment to each other includes our commitment to our coaches.  Tidalwaves will continue to pay our coaches for the time that they committed to the team for the season.
  • For anyone who requests a refund, we will ask if you would like to donate a portion of your refund towards our fixed costs and coaches' salaries.
    • As we had 3 weeks of the season prior to the suspension of activities, a 'standard' refund will be as follows for each of these groups:
      • all but $75 for 'Team Level' swimmers
      • all but $95 for 'Tadpole' swimmers
      • all but $10 for 'High School' swimmers
    • If you would like to donate any or all of your refund, please indicate the dollar amount or percentage you are donating with your request.
    • Receipts for your donation will be processed at the end of the season.
  • In the event of a shortened season, prorated refunds will be given for the weeks of suspended activity (less any voluntary donation).

How About Something Fun for Our Chlorine Starved Swimmers?

As you can imagine, Coach Marie is spending her days and nights thinking about swimming and all of her swimmers!  Here's her idea about how your amateur videographer can also spend some time creatively thinking about swimming and also help put a smile on Marie's face:

Hi Tidalwave Swimmers!

It's coach Marie.  I'm missing you, and swim practice.  If you are too, I'm hoping you can send me a short (1 minute) video about swimming.  Think of a funny, or not, instructive swimming theme, then video it and send it to me, Coach Marie!  Animation or live actors are both great!  Make sure its safe, short, and okay with your parents. May 5th would be a great deadline to work towards for this fun project, and I look forward to communicating back with everyone who sends one.  I'm looking forward to watching your creations.  You can send them to mariemcswim@yahoo.com.

Merrily we will soon swim along again! Please stay safe and healthy!

Coach Marie and your Tidalwaves Board