Would Your Swimmer Like a Contactless Visit from Coach Marie? Sign Up and She'll Come By!

Liz Foley

Greetings Swim Families!  No news yet to report about our hopes for a mid-June - early August season.  We continue to wait for approval to resume a modified swim program, however, we want you all to know that Coach Marie is missing her swimmers immensely!  As we wait for word that we can enter the water again safely, Marie wanted us to offer the following opportunity for your swimmers to see their coach on dryland and say an enthusiastic hello!  Many thanks to Rachel Verby for setting this 'quarantine remedy' activity up for all interested swimmers!

Of course, wearing Tidalwaves gear, performing a Tidalwaves cheer, or flashing your Tidalwaves' pride to your coach in your own creative way is all appropriate (as is a pajama'd, haven't had a hair cut in 10 weeks, bleary-eyed, "I've had an awful lot of screen time and I'm kind of liking this quarantine," smile and WAVE)!  Rumor has it Coach Marie will be decorating her car with her Tidalwaves Spirit!

Visits will be scheduled by neighborhood starting as early as May 24th and going through June 21st.  Rachel Verby will manage the logistics of visit setups and will use this Sign-Up Genius link as a starting point.  Please sign up as soon as you can to give her the best chance to mobilize this one car parade!