Intent To Swim, Refund Request and Donation Form (Please Respond by Friday)

Liz Foley

We still have no new information about a shortened season, but we are definitely continuing to plan.  Part of planning is making sure we understand our numbers.  We currently have many swim families who have stayed with us because they hope to participate in a shortened season, but we suspect there are many who have decided they won't swim but have not yet felt the need to ask for a refund.  This includes tadpole families for whom a shortened season will not be available.

It would help us tremendously with our planning if we can get clarity about your intent.  If you could please complete this short google form survey, we would really appreciate it.  Once again, thank you to everyone who has or will donate a portion of their refund to help us continue to pay our coaches and cover our fixed costs for the season!

As always, once we have information to share about a possible June 15 - August 7th season that meets CDC, California state, and Marin Health guidelines we will let you know.  Thank you!