Rumor of a July 13th Pool Open Date for Redwood. Intent to Swim, Refund, Donation Request Form

Liz Foley

While I had hoped to be able to communicate definitive information about when our shortened season could start as well as details about timing, and protocols, at this point we are still in a "waiting for information from Redwood" mode.  There has been a rumor of a July 13th pool open date, but that has not been confirmed, and with COVID cases on the rise in Marin, it is a strong possibility that that date will not be confirmed.  What is for sure at this point is that we will not be starting our season on July 6th as we had hoped.

So, if you would like to now declare how we should handle your fees, you can complete this short google form survey.  The form is important to ensure requests are not lost, so please use it.  You can edit a response that you already submitted.  If we have more than one response from you, we will only take the most recently submitted.  Once again, thank you to everyone who has or will donate a portion of their refund to help us cover our coaches' costs and fixed costs for the season!

I have received several questions about how you indicate what to do with your fees if you are still interested in a shortened season.  Sorry for the confusion.  We will ask again once a fully defined shortened season is or is not developed.  For now, we only want to know if you are still "in" for whatever we come up with as a season.

Once we have definitive information to share about a possible July 13th - August 7th season that meets CDC, California state, and Marin Health guidelines we will let you know.  Thank you!

* Please note that refund processing will take 4-6 weeks.