Session 4 Sign Up Details (October 26 - November 8)

Liz Foley

Fall Swim Participants,

First off, I am going to answer a very popular question:  Fall Swim Ends the Day Before Thanksgiving (Wednesday, November 25th).  Secondly, we do not yet know if we will be able to offer a Winter Swim program.  Our ability to get pool time is dependent on CIF canceling the high school water polo season that is currently scheduled to begin on December 7th.  At this point, they have not announced when they will make a go/no go decision, but we expect it won't be made until mid-November.  Once we have information about if we can offer a Winter Swim program we will of course let everyone know.

Read on for details about Fall Swim Session 4 Sign-Ups.

Session 4 Sign Up Session Period:  (Monday, October 26 - Sunday, November 8)

Two weeks is working for us.

Fair Allocation and Distribution of Swim Spots

First off, there are enough spots for each swimmer to reach the maximum allowable.  Just like the last session, in the first pass, everyone will sign up for no more than 3 swim spots over the two weeks.  In the second pass, everyone will be allowed to sign up for up to 2 more spots.  This should give everyone a better opportunity to get at least 3 preferred spots and leave the 'race' for the remaining spots down to just 2. 

Yes, the maximum total for everyone over this next 2 week session period will be 5 total...but please be sure to follow the sign-up guidelines:  No more than 3 sign-ups in the first pass, no more than 2 sign ups in the second pass. We will monitor and remove signups randomly from anyone who false starts on the second pass.

When Will the Sign-Up Genius Link Come Out?

Saturday, October 24th NOON for the first pass and Sunday, October 25th NOON for the second pass

Please wait for the link to be emailed on October 25th before beginning your second pass sign-ups.  Think of this email as the starter's 'beep'.  To extend this metaphor, remember leaving the blocks before the 'beep' can get you disqualified

Yes, I know this seems quirky and burdensome, however, please remember these are still not normal times, this is still not our normal program, we are still all volunteers, and the sign-up genius tool is still the only tool we have (despite its obvious flaws) to manage the program.

What Can Each of Us Do to Help Make the Sign Up Process Better for Everyone?

We're seeing the same patterns.  If every 11 & Up swimmer can sign up for at least 1-weekend spot in their first sign up pass, and possibly one or two more in their second sign up pass, we will be able to offer the best distribution of days for this age group.

For the 9-10-year-old age group, the Friday at 3:00 practice spot is one that does not work for all school dismissal times.  If your child is out of school and can take advantage of this offering, it would be great if you could sign up for it, understanding that some kids just can't use it.

For the 8 & Unders, the Tuesday and Thursday spots at 2:30 and 3:00 don't work for all school dismissal times, so if you can take advantage of those, please do!

Is There a Communication Channel for Swapping Swim Spots?

Two channels:  Contact Members via Team Unify, or the Tidalwaves Facebook Group. 

To find 1:1 contact info for any active member, you can click on the Member Search Option on the Contact page.  You must be signed in to your account to access this and the search is via the swimmer's last name.  

The Facebook Group has proven itself to be helpful to those looking to pick up or swap spots.  Community members are leaving notes when their plans change and making arrangements to swap spots!  It works well but would work better if more people joined.  Here is the info needed to join the group:

Be sure to Like the Tidalwaves Facebook Page now for team updates, general info and photo and video highlights throughout the season. To join our Facebook Group to swap swim spots, gear, ask for help with lost items, etc., follow the link to the Group and click "Join Group" and an admin will approve requests from team members. 

Additionally, I have noticed that we have many spots open up on 'the day of' or the night before.  Checking Sign-Up Genius for 'day of' openings is a great way to pick up spots!  We will again this session allow everyone to sign up for up to 2 more 'day of' spots beyond their 5 pre-sign ups.

The schedule for Session 4 is exactly the same as it was for Session 3.