Fall Swim Schedule! Registration Opens August 25th, Details Included...

Liz Foley

Finally!  News to share about Fall Swim 2021!  While we are thrilled to offer a program this Fall, we do admit disappointment with the pool time that College of Marin allocated to us.  Nevertheless, we have tried to make the best of the very early time slot that we were given and have added Saturday and Sunday time to provide more options for kids in the community who are out of school too late to take advantage of our weekday time.  Also, we are pleased to communicate that plans for Winter Swim at Redwood High School are moving quickly.  If you can't make our Fall Swim pool times, we hope you will be able to join us this Winter. Please read on for details...also, if you swam with us this past Spring, please see the note at the very bottom of this email about your free T-shirt pick-up options.

What Are the Dates for Fall Swim 2021?

September 7 - November 2

What is the Cost?

Cost varies by Cohort. 2x week cohorts are $195 for the session, 3x week cohorts are $245 for the session. See cost per cohort in the schedule below.

When Does Registration Open and How Do I Register?

Wednesday, August 25th at 12:01 am! To register, please go to the Gowaves.com website and, if on a computer, click on the Registration link in the upper left-hand corner of the website. If on a phone, scroll down until you see the button labeled "Registration" and click on that! No one will receive an email telling you that registration is open...it will just be open at 12:01 am.  

Only cohorts for which your child's age as of September 7th will be available for you to register into. Please select your preferred cohort unless your swimmer is a NEW swimmer aged 8 or younger. In that case, please select, "NEW 8 & Under assessment".

Please Note:  Our programs have been filling up quickly over the past year.  We do expect some (many?) cohorts to fill within 24 hours.

How Are Registrations Prioritized?

For Fall swim all registrations are on a first-come-first-served basis, meaning those who get their registrations in earliest have the best chance of getting into the program. Those registering for a NEW 8 & Under assessment, will be prioritized based on the date/time they registered for the assessment. 

I Have a NEW 8 & Under. How Do I Register?

Just like everyone else, follow the "Register link" on the website.  When you get to the question that says, "Register to this group" please select, "NEW 8 & Under Assessment". All swimmers NEW to Tidalwaves are required to have an assessment prior to completing their registration for either Tadpoles or the "Team Level" 8 & Unders.  The cost of the assessment is $10. After the assessment, we will reach out to you with the results of the assessment and complete your registration.  As we normally have more swimmers sign up for assessments than we have room in the program, once we reach out to complete your registration we need a very quick "YES" or "No" response so that we can move on to fill the remaining spots in the program.  Thanks in advance for knowing your schedule, knowing the practice schedule (listed below), and knowing that you want to participate in the program!

At the conclusion of registering for an assessment, there will be a sign-up genius link.  Follow the link to sign up for an assessment time slot. Please reach out to Adrienne Brown at [email protected] if you go by the link too quickly when registering!

When Are Assessments?

Assessments will be held:

  • Saturday, August 28th between 2:00 pm and 4:40 pm
  • Sunday, August 29th between 11:00 am and 2:00 pm  

New 8 & Under registrations are prioritized based on a combination of registration date/time and assessment date. Making the earlier assessment date will improve your chances of getting a spot in the program.  Assessments last no more than 20 minutes and Coach Marie will assess 3 swimmers at a time.

What Does Coach Marie Look For in An Assessment?

To swim in the tadpoles program your child must be:

  • Deep water safe
  • Able to swim 15 yards with some arm strokes
  • Able to join group activities unaided
  • Ready to learn new skills in a group setting

To swim in the "Team Ready" 8 & Under group, your child must be:

  • Able to swim 25 yards of the pool with consistent side breathing
  • Able to join group activities unaided
  • Ready to learn new skills in a group setting

I Have a NEW 8 & Under Who Was Assessed But Who Has Not Yet Participated. How Do I Register?

You do not need to have your child assessed again if Marie has already said the swimmer is 'tadpole ready' or 'team ready'. Please just register directly into the Tadpole or 8 & Under cohort group of your choosing, based on whatever your assessment results were.  If you do not remember, you can reach out to me and I can look it up.

My Child is 9, 10, 11, 12, etc. But Is NEW to Tidalwaves. Does S/he Need an Assessment?

No. Please just register directly into the group. Most do just fine and can keep up.  If Coach Marie sees that the swimmer is struggling too much, she will reach out directly and we will provide a full refund or help situate the swimmer in a more appropriate group.

Are There Any Meets in Fall Swim?

No.  Our Fall swim program is a technique and conditioning-focused program designed to welcome new swimmers, as well as help returning swimmers, continue to improve in the off-season.  Tidalwaves' Marin Swim League competition season begins in late February and goes through July 4th weekend.  During the competition season "team ready" swimmers can compete locally in up to 10 swim meets (in a non-Covid year).

What COVID Protocols Will be Followed?

For cohorts of swimmers ages 11 & Under we will continue to limit our capacity to 2 swimmers per lane, starting at opposite ends of the pool.  For those ages 12 & Up, we will allow up to 4 swimmers per lane.

Masks will be required up to the edge of the pool for all swimmers.


What Is the Fall Swim Practice Schedule?

All practices will be held at College of Marin, Kentfield ONLY.  Please see below for the schedule.

What Do We Know About Winter Swim?

We already know that our Winter Swim program will be held at Redwood High School starting November 3rd and will go thru early February.  Further, our pool time for Winter Swim is due to be confirmed by October and will likely be 3:45 - 5:30 pm, allowing us to offer our program M-F to more kids in the community.  This is good news!  Again, we share disappointment about the early Fall Swim schedule but are glad that the Winter Swim program will start earlier this year and will offer our swimmers better pool time. Please note that we DO NOT offer tadpoles during Winter Swim, but will offer it again in the Spring.

What Do We Know About The Pirates Foundation Fall Swim Offerings?

Not much, to be honest. We did reach out to inquire of them but received no information. It appears to be a new organization with a new mission and Tidalwaves has no affiliation.

End of Spring 2021 Season Tee-Shirt Pick-Up

Our end-of-Spring 2021-season Tidalwaves "I Swam Through COVID " Tee-shirts are now available for pick-up. Pick-up is available to anyone who swam with us in Session 1, 2 or 3 of Spring 2021 and has not yet receive a shirt.  
To request pick-up please email Jessica Harrison at [email protected]. When requesting shirt pick-up please provide the following: 
- Child's name
- Was the tee-shirt ordered or are you requesting a shirt now? 
- If requesting a shirt now, please provide your preferred size*
Please pick up your shirt within 48 hours of Jessica's confirmation from the front porch of 151 Hillcrest Lane, Kentfield. Each shirt will be marked with your child's name. Pre-ordered shirts not picked up by August 25 will be allocated to others who request them.