Winter Swim Update

Liz Foley

Thank you all for your patience (again).  While we do not yet have all of our pool time details ironed out, we would like to let you know as much as we know so you can begin to plan.  Here is what we know:

  • We hope to start our Winter Swim program on Monday, November 8th.  Please remember that our start date is dependent on the end of Redwood High School's boys and girls water polo seasons.  At this time, our best guess is that both teams will be finished by this date.  However, there is always the chance that one team will be done with their season while the other may continue further into playoff games.  In the event this happens, we have asked to start our practices after the high school team finishes their practices (expecting they will be done by 5:45 pm).
  • In the event that both high school water polo teams are done with their season by this date, our practice schedule will likely be as follows for weekday practices:
Practice Group Days Start End
8 & Unders M, Tu, Th 3:45 4:15
  W, F 4:00 4:30
9 - 11 Less Experienced M, Tu, Th 3:45 4:30
  W, F 4:00 4:45
12 & Ups M, Tu, Th 4:15 5:30
  W, F 4:30 5:45
9 - 11 More Experienced M, Tu, Th 4:30 5:30
  • Note that the change in schedule on Wednesdays and Fridays is due to Redwood having moved their dismissal time later these two days.
  • We have asked for pool time on Saturdays, but it is not clear whether we will get it.  If we do, we plan to offer each practice group 1 more practice opportunity.  We do not know what time we will get, if we get it.
  • The above schedule will be in place up until February 4th, and we hope to continue to offer winter swim practices through February 18th, however, schedule details for Feb 7 - 18 have not been ironed out.  We know for sure, however, that any practice opportunities we get during those last two weeks will be after Redwood Swim finishes with the pool.  It is likely our practice time will shift to 5:30 - 7:00 pm for these two weeks.
  • We hope to open Winter Swim Registration as of October 25th.
  • Registration fees depend on details that have not yet been finalized, but for planning purposes, expect approximately $430 - $475 for the full program.
  • There is no tadpole program during the Winter.  All NEW 8 & Under swimmers will need to be assessed to determine program readiness.  Assessments will likely be on November 6 and 7th.  Times to be announced when we finalize them.
  • Practice day reservations will not be required.  Once registered, swimmers can swim as many times a week as they would like!
  • No Swim Days during Winter Swim:
    • ​Wednesday, Thursday, Friday Nov 24, 25, 26 (Thanksgiving)
    • December 24 - Jan 3 (Winter Break)
    • January 17 (MLK day)


Thanks again for your patience, and we hope to have all Winter Swim details finalized by the end of next week.  Fingers crossed!