Tidalwaves 2022 Spring Season Registration Opens January 2nd for Returning Families!

Liz Foley

Happy Holidays to All and to All a Happy (and much-needed) School Break!    Even as we break for school, we wanted to let you know your Tidalwaves board has been working double-time (maybe triple?) to get ready for the 2022 Spring Season!  We have our fingers crossed (and some toes) that due to our high vaccination rates in Marin, that this season will closely resemble seasons of yore (like 2019).  Keep boosting, Marinites!   Here's what we know:


2022 Registration Open Dates

Registration for our Returning Families (anyone who has participated in a Tidalwaves or Tadpole program in the past and is therefore on the distribution list to receive this e-mail) opens on January 2nd Registration for NEW Families opens on January 9th.

Why the different dates?   Tradition dictates that we offer a headstart to those who have already participated with us. There is a possibility that we will reach our age group maximums, so please get your registrations in as soon as you can.   Mark your calendars!

2022 Season Dates

February 28 - July 1st.  For team level swimmers, splash week practices start February 28th, and meets start April 23rd with our time trial meet.  Links to detailed schedules are below.

February 28 - April 29.  For Tadpole swimmers, much shorter due to later dismissal times, see note below.


2022 Fees

As always, we are committed to keeping our rates as low as possible to encourage participation for ALL.  We've even kept the ever-popular early registration discount.  Remember, the early registration discount is our way of incenting you to help your board plan better.  Receiving the bulk of our registrations early helps us plan, and boy does your board like to plan! 


If Registered before 2/1/2022

If Registered on or after 2/1/2022
Regular Season 1st Swimmer Fee $475.00 $495.00
Regular Season Additional Swimmers' Fee* $455.00 $475.00
High School Season Swimmer Fee** $150.00 $150.00
Assessment Fee (only for NEW 8 & Unders) $10.00 $10.00
Tadpole Fees*** $240.00 $240.00
Waitlist Fee $10.00 $10.00

* Additional Swimmers means "additional swimmers in the same family".

** Note the High School Swimmer Season registration rate applies only to High School swimmers who, due to commitments to their high school team cannot begin practicing with Tidalwaves until the completion of their high school season in early May.

***See note below about changes in dismissal times and pool availability for tadpoles.


2022 Assessments for NEW 8 & Unders

This year assessments of New 8 & Under swimmers (whether tadpole level or team level) will again be required before having the swimmer join the program and charging the full registration fee.  We will be holding assessments for NEW swimmers (ages 8 & younger) on Sunday, January 30th and again on Sunday February 6th for those who seek to enter the tadpole program or the team-level program.  Why?  Click here to read more about assessments, the schedule, the exceptions, etc..  Please note that Returing Families CAN have NEW swimmers.

Will Tidalwaves Be Able to Offer its Tadpole Program this Spring?

This is a complex question that deserves a complete answer.  As many of you may know, advocating for pool time in our area is now a nearly full-time job all year round involving time from many board members.  Tidalwaves has secured the College of Marin dive pool for 1 session of tadpoles (14 swimmers max) from 3:15 pm - 3:45 pm M-F for the period February 28 - April 29th.  Due to later dismissal times in the area now (and at Redwood High School), we have had to ask College of Marin if all users can move their pool time back later to allow us to continue to offer our program to the community.  There is of course an impediment to this.  Due to a special lease arrangement the College of Marin has with Branson High School, Branson is allowed priority in choosing its pool time--before the rest of the community has their requests considered. 

Branson continues to choose the prime after-school pool time for their small high school team.  However, since they haven't had a dive team since at least 2017, we have asked if we can at least use the dive pool to run 2 more tadpole sessions from 3:45 - 4:15 and 4:15 - 4:45 for the same 8 week period.   Unfortunately, our ask has to go through the facility administrator who will not be back from vacation until after our registration opens.  If Branson allows us to use the dive pool during their practice time we will be able to offer 2 more sessions and hopefully meet all of the demand for the kids who were locked out of the program due to COVID pool closures.  If Branson does not allow us to use the dive pool while their team is practicing, we will unfortunately not be able to offer more than the one session at 3:15.

What does this mean for registration?  We will allow returning tadpoles to register into 1 of the unconfirmed sessions and 'hold' a spot for $10.  If the pool time gets confirmed, we will complete the charge for the registration.  If it does not, we will refund you the $10.  We do know for sure that we have been given the time from 3:15 - 3:45 pm, so if you want a 'sure thing' and can make this early time, register to this group.  If you register for a 'hold' spot and we aren't able to offer it, we will not bump anyone out of the 3:15 pm session to make room for holds. NEW swimmers (ages 8 & Under) who have not yet participated in a tadpole session should register to the NEW 8 & Under Assessment group.  Tadpole spots will be offered based on the assessment registration date/time.  We should know whether we will be able to offer the spots prior to the assessment dates.  Sorry for the uncertainty!  We definitely wish things were different!


Practice and Meet Schedules Available on Website

For those whose only gift wish this holiday is for something to help them organize their life better in the New Year, we've got you covered!  Splash Week and Practice Schedules* are on the website (and yes folks, EVEN the meet dates, and the event schedule are now on the website...thank you Marin Swim League!).  Remember, Champs is June 25th this year followed by the Awards banquet on June 26th...and the all-important pool party on July 1st.  Additionally, this is the year that Tidalwaves gets to host the ALL-STAR meet!  So, anyone looking to book some volunteer hours on a Sunday afternoon (June 12th to be exact) as opposed to during a Saturday meet, the opportunity will be available to you.

*Please note that later dismissal times at Redwood on Wednesdays and Fridays this year, mean that we get the pool later on these two days.  Because of this late start during the first half of the season, we will not offer practice opportunities for 8 & Unders on Wednesdays and Fridays.  Again, we have asked Branson if they would be willing to share lanes with us at COM so that we could offer a few more practice options for our 8 & Unders, but the ask is outstanding. If it works out we will update our practice schedule.

When do Volunteer Sign Ups Open?

This year we're opening volunteer sign-ups on February 14th.  We'll give our Returning families a head start on registration, but for volunteer sign-ups, we'll all "take our marks," at the same time.  Changes to job descriptions are being made as we speak and will be posted sometime in January. Click here to learn more about the Spring Season volunteer commitment and the many job choices available for so many different skill sets and schedules coming together.

Help Spread the Word!!

Ahh, you already do so much, we hate to ask for a gift from you, but what the heck... There is one wee gift you can give your board and team this year...help us spread the word!  We are a team that believes in the gift of swimming for EVERY child in our community!  It's a life skill, it's a place to make and build on friendships year after year, a place to continue to work toward skill competence, and a place where EVERY swimmer and their family can feel like they belong to our COMMUNITY TEAM!  Invite your friends and invite your friends to invite their friends.  After you invite them, invite people you don't even know.  Everyone is welcome on the Tidalwaves team!  That's how we make a Tidalwave size "BLUE WAVE" splash in the community! 

That's it for now, but keep watching your e-mails, we've got a TIDALWAVE of information to share...but we'll try and send it out in smaller sets of WAVES...oh, the fun is only just beginning!  GO WAVES!