NEW Family Registration Opens January 9th!

Liz Foley

We hope everyone is settling into the NEW Year!  Got everything under control?  Checked everything off your list?  No?  Not yet?  Well, here's a link to help you register for Tidalwaves 2022.  Surely on most of your lists!

Register Now for the Spring 2022 season!

Many thanks to all who have already done so, and yes, many, many already have.*  We are actually tracking well ahead of our pre-pandemic registrations this year (about 50% more).  Remember, NEW family registration opens Sunday and we do anticipate several of our age/practice groups will reach their maximums this year.  

Your receipt is your assurance that your registration has gone through.  The status will show as pending until right before the season starts.

Let's Make January 7th a TIDALWAVES Team Spirit Day!

A pre-pandemic tradition that we can carry on through the pandemic years...wear Tidalwaves Team Gear including T-shirts, sweatshirts, maybe even parkas and bags to school on Friday (no school on Sunday, but we'll give the kids a reminder of their parents weekend homework), to show our team pride to all the NEW families who will start registering Sunday!  If you don't have any Tidalwaves gear yet, don't worry.  We'll have some on sale during Splash Week (starts February 28th!), and nothing says you can't make your own TW gear!












​Now that's team spirit and talent!

Pass the word onto your friends...the more the merrier, there is no better way to build swim skills and community at the same time, everyone is welcome!

 As always, hope to see you around the pool!