Reminders, Info Session Slides, and SCHEDULE CHANGE due to Weather...

Liz Foley

Rarely do I send out a weekly news email and then have to send a follow-up the next day with nearly as much information.  I am going to blame the it is the cause of the schedule change.  The rest of the reminders are just good to have as the ordering windows for suits, parkas, and custom caps close this week and we want everyone to have a chance to get their orders in.

Also, I want to bring to everyone's attention that with the atmospheric river in the forecast for Friday/Saturday, it is possible that Friday practices will be canceled.  We will continue to "storm chase" on our weather ap and ensure it really is going to land on us before canceling practice.  That said, weather permitting, this Saturday does in fact start our optional "Starts and Turns" practices for all swimmers in all age groups (NOT for Tadpoles).  That schedule is also included below (many thanks to the new families for pointing this out to me).  

NEW Parent Info Night Slides are available on the Website!

What a great group of NEW families last night at the Info Session!  Lots of great questions, and a great overview of the season led by the better-presenting president, Jessica Harrison!  Click here to go to the event details and scroll to the bottom to see the slides from the evening, including the favorite, "Schedule in 1 page" slide perfect for attaching to your refrigerator...if you still do that.

UPDATE:  Redwood High School Meet Moved to Thursday...Practice Schedule Change at Redwood.

Redwood High School is optimistic in their storm prediction skills and is hopeful they can get their meet in on Thursday and avoid the storm altogether.  Therefore, it will be our THURSDAY schedule at Redwood that changes this week, NOT the Friday Schedule.  Below is now the schedule for the rest of this week (not what I sent out yesterday). Tadpole + swimmers will also start at 6:00 pm on Thursday.

At this time, as far as we know, the meet at the College of Marin scheduled for Friday is still on.  Returning 8 & Unders are invited to practice at Redwood on Friday at 5:45pm.  THERE WILL BE NO PRACTICES at COM on Friday!

Splash Week 2: March 6 - March 10 (2% Chance this schedule may change)

New/Returning Location Age Group Day(s) of Week From To
NEW COM 8 & Under Tues/Thurs 3:30 4:00
NEW Redwood 8 & Under Tues 5:30 6:00
NEW Redwood 8 & Under Thurs 6:00 6:30
NEW Redwood 9 - 10 Tues 6:00 6:40
NEW Redwood 9 - 10 Thurs 6:20 7:00
NEW Redwood 11 & Up Tues 6:00 6:55
NEW Redwood 11 & Up Thurs 6:30 7:20
Returning COM 8 & Under Mon/Wed 3:30 4:10
Returning Redwood 8 & Under Monday 5:30 6:00
Returning Redwood 8 & Under Wed/Fri 5:45 6:15
Returning Redwood 9 - 10 Monday 6:00 6:45
Returning Redwood 9 - 10 Wed/Fri 6:15 7:00
Returning Redwood 11 & Up Monday 6:45 7:50
Returning Redwood 11 & Up Wed/Fri 7:00 8:05

Schedule for Saturday Clinics, OPEN to ALL 'Team Level' Swimmers 

Again, weather permitting (assume it is unless you hear otherwise), here is the schedule for this Saturday's optional clinics as well as the datews for the rest of the Saturday Clinics.  ALL of these take place at Redwood High School ONLY.

Clinic dates for 2023 are: March 11th, March 18th, March 25th, April 1st, and April 15th(After that meets start!).

Practice Group Location Day From To Instructional Focus
8 & Under Redwood Saturday 12:30 1:00 Starts/Dives
9 - 10 Redwood Saturday 1:00 1:30 Starts/Turns
11 & Up Redwood Saturday 1:30 2:00 Starts/Turns
All Swimmers by Appointment Redwood Saturday 2:00 2:30 Private Lessons

Team Gear Ordering Windows CLOSE THIS WEEK, March 10th and March 12th.

Just the links here...if you want more gear info, click here to read yesterday's email.