Practice Group Assignments are Available in Team Unify (Roster Group)

Liz Foley

Thank you, everyone, for your patience while we got this information posted!  I'm trying something new this year...directing you to your Team Unify Account under Member Info>Roster Group to find your swimmer(s)' practice group.  See below for answers to commonly asked practice group assignment questions.

Wait. Where is the Practice Group Info?

Log into your Team Unify account (one account per family).  Click on My Account.  Click on the Member Tab.  Click on your swimmer's name.  Under the 'Details' tab, scroll down to Member Settings.  The first field under Member Settings is 'Roster Group'.

How Do I find the Other Swimmers in My Child's Group?

Ah, ready to find carpools?  Here's what you can do.  Follow this link to the About Us>Contact page. On that page, click on the link to the Member Search page.  It will take you to the Members Search page (shown below).  Click on Display All, and then click on the roster group column to sort by roster group.  Don't try to search by roster group... it's too confusing.

This information is protected and only available if you log in to your account.  

When does practice start?

Regular practice starts Monday, 3/13/2023 for all swimmers!  

What is the Practice Schedule?

The practice schedule is on the website, and will stay there.  Click here to see the practice schedule We will now be following the March 13th-April 28th Schedule.  Please note that our practice schedule will shift as of May 1st when the Redwood High School team's season ends.  The "May - End of June" Schedule is also posted and is accurate.  For 8 & Under swimmers, our COM pool time ends as of April 30th, and at that time we invite all 8 & Unders to attend practices at Redwood.  Beginning in May, our pool time shifts earlier which means 8 & Under practices (at Redwood only) will move to 3:45 pm or 4:00 pm start times and will be offered Monday - Friday.

Can 8 & Unders Really Practice at COM or Redwood?

Yes, they really can!  No, you don't have to 'choose' one or the other.  Yes, you can mix and match.  Pretty good chance that there will be fewer kids at the Redwood practices, so you may want to keep that in mind if your swimmer benefits from smaller groups.

How Many Practices A Week Can My Swimmer Attend?

As many or as few a week as s/he would like!  Coaches recommend 3-4 days of practice a week to get the most out of the program, but there are many kids with other activities that make it only 2 times a week and still have a great experience!  

What Does 'Blue (NMA)' Mean?

There are about twenty kids that Coach Marie feels 'Need More Assessment', hence NMA.  Nothing to worry about.  For now, please have your NMA swimmer(s) attend the blue practice group for their age group, and assuming coaches gets to see them in the water a couple more times, she will have the right group placement identified shortly.  We will communicate it at the end of the week.

What if I Can't Find My Child's Roster Group?

If you try and you really can't find it, shoot me an email and I'll look it up for you.  However, it really is good to know how to navigate through your team unify account! 

What if My Child's Birthday is after April 29th?

Cut-off dates are always a bit tricky...there are always some people just before and some just after.  To maintain the integrity of our Age Group Practice Group model, we use a child's birthday as the date on which he or she should switch to an older age group practice.  Marie is always aware of upcoming birthdays and will send you a note when she believes your child should switch to a new practice group. 

What if I Would Like My Child in a Different Practice Group?

A lot of thought goes into practice group makeup.  Marie and the coaches are looking for the best possible experience for all of the kids on the team, individually and as a group...our coaches hope you can support your child in explaining that practice group assignments are the coaches' decisions.  They can and do change over time and if you have a specific concern please communicate with coach Marie.  [email protected].  She will be seeing how the groups gel over the next week or so and with Splash Week attendance a bit low this year due to storms and such, she is continuing to assess for best group placement.

Who Will Be Checking the Swimmers In?

At Redwood, starting Monday, we have one of our High School swimmers learning the trade and taking over.  The good news for the kids is that Gabby is much younger and has a much better memory than the board members that stood in for her these first couple of weeks, so she should know all the kids in a much shorter time!  Remind swimmers to check-in.  Our first attendance incentive program starts on Monday!  Terrific Twenty for all swimmers.  Specifics announced tomorrow.

At College of Marin, Coach Marie or one of the assistant coaches will be taking attendance.  They may do this when the kids are in the water, or may do it before...coaches will communicate at practice.

Please remember to come to practice a couple of minutes early to make sure your child gets checked in at the gate before practice and is ready to go at practice time!  Ready means:  hair ties tied, caps on, goggles, and fins ready to go.

Can We Go Onto the Deck to Help Our Swimmers Shower or Get Their Towel at Practice End?

At Redwood:  In as polite a way as I can communicate, the answer to this is a clear NO.  Thank you for understanding that this is a Tidalwaves Board Policy that exists to ensure the safety and best practice experience for ALL swimmers and our coaches.  No parents on the deck period during practice.  If your swimmer has trouble finding his or her towel in the cubby after practice, consider keeping the towel outside of the gate and having your child come to you.  The showers, if working, may be utilized by the kids, but only if they can use them on their own.  Most swimmers shower at home. Likewise, at Redwood, there aren't any locker rooms.  There are a couple of bathrooms that can be used as needed, but as a best practice, we suggest not using them for changing...unless absolutely necessary.  

At COM:  Parents, caretakers, and siblings must stay behind the bleacher line of demarcation.  Coaches must have all their attention on the swimmers in the water and that will be easiest if they are not worried about others accidentally falling in.  Locker room use is fine, but we advise not leaving personal belongings in the locker rooms.  They are not monitored.  

When Will the Swimmers Use Fins?

Fins are being used at every practice.  Please have your child mark (with a Sharpie!) his or her "Tidalwaves approved fins" in a way that makes them identifiable to the child, and remind your child to BRING them to and FROM practice.  Remember, not all fins are created equal! Tidalwaves does still have a few fins at the pool, but coaches would much prefer that if a swimmer needs these that they take them, mark them, and use them every practice.  It takes time away from practice when kids forget to bring their fins. 

Lost and Found?

There is a lot to gather up at the end of practice, and for many of our swimmers, these first two weeks of Splash presented logistical challenges.  We get it.  No worries.  Going forward, please discuss with your child that the coaches are not responsible for the things they leave behind.  Found items will be left in the cubbies at Redwood.  Parents can look through the cubbies before practice starts (before 5:20).  5:20 and after, swimmers only looking for lost or left behind items.

At COM left items can usually be found right inside the gate, near where the hot chocolate was.

Is Registration Still Open?

Yes, just a handful of spots for swimmers 9 & Over, please tell your friends they can just go to the website and register! We'll reach out to them after they register and get them assigned to a starting practice group.  

More info Monday in the next edition of the Weekly News.  See you at the pool!