NEWS For Week of March 13th - March 18th

Liz Foley

Tonight starts the first night of our regular practice schedule!  Let's hear it for longer days and more daylight, even if we are feeling a bit groggy and waterlogged this week, I remain optimistic that Spring and Summer will arrive this year...some time.  Read on for info on storm watch plans, and another day of gear sales coming up, making carpool arrangements, and the practice plan. Hopefully, everyone has found their swimmer's practice group and the Regular March 13th - April 28th practice schedule.  If you are struggling, you can send me an email.

Storm Watch Continues...Gear Will Be on Sale on March 16th, 5:30 - 7:15 at Redwood

This is the first year we've ever had to develop 'atmospheric river' protocols for the Spring Season, but never fear we have a plan.  Coach Marie and I will check the weather at 2:00 pm today and make a call on whether the storm is at a tame enough point for us to hold practice or not.  I will send out a message if we need to cancel, but if you don't get a message, please assume we are holding practice.  Yes, it is possible we could cancel at COM only or at Redwood only.  We'll ensure the message explains our decision and may make a call later in the afternoon for Redwood depending on its predictability at that point.

In related news, as our gear volunteers had to cancel a day of sales last week, they will be taking advantage of one of the two sunny (partly?) days in the forecast and will bring out the goods on Thursday, March 16th this week for anyone looking for the perfect 'wave blue' gear item to wear on St. Patrick's match with the green "kiss me, I'm Irish" pin you will of course wear!

Redwood Home Meet Schedule, Will There Be More Change to Tidalwaves Practices?

Returning families will remember that the Redwood High School Swim Team meets take precedence over Tidalwaves scheduled practices.  This past week was a bit nuts with Redwood's attempt to outguess Mother Nature, only to be humbled and rescheduled.  As I've said, really hoping these storms end, and thankful that the remainder of Redwood's home meets are later in the season:  March 28th (Tuesday), March 31st (Friday), and April 6th (Thursday).  We have some questions out to the best 'guess the meet end time' minds in the business, and will do 'week of' announcements of any schedule changes we need to implement to accommodate.  I do understand that Friday's meet went longer than Redwood anticipated.  That can happen.  Stay flexible, especially if you are there for the 8 & Under practices, and realize that Redwood will get more efficient at running their meets as the season goes on. 

For COM, there should not be any more high school swim really isn't a great pool for high school meets.

How Can I make Carpool Arrangements?

Nothing says swim parent sanity like a well-run carpool!  Now that the practice groups are posted, you will be able to find e-mail addresses by using the Member Search page link found on the Contact page.  Please note that you will need to be logged into your Team Unify (TU) Account to see this information. Remember, select 'Display All' and then sort by Roster Group.  Searching by Roster Group doesn't work.

You can also use the Facebook group to do shout-outs if you are looking to start or join a carpool.

Be sure to Like the  Tidalwaves Facebook Page now for team updates, general info and photo and video highlights throughout the season. To join our  Facebook Group, follow the link to the Group and click "Join Group" and an admin will approve requests from team members.

How Many Practices Should My Child Attend Each Week?

This is a decision that is up to you and your child.  However, Coach Marie recommends 3-4 practices a week for most kids to see improvement throughout the season.  Here's an interesting tidbit:  we actually have data that shows kids that attend the recommended number of practices a week indicate greater satisfaction with their own performance as well as the program than those who come less frequently.  

The first Terrific Twenty practice incentive period does start tonight.  Please remind your swimmers that they need to check in with Gabby when they get to practice (at Redwood).  The check-in process will get faster as Gabby gets to know all the kids, but for now, good to come a few minutes early to get checked in.  Yes, you have the ability to see your child's attendance record within your Team Unify account...under Member Info.  If you notice a day is missed, and your swimmer is working toward this goal, please just send me a note and I can fix it.

What is the Saturday Focused Instruction Schedule?

Here is the link for easy reference.  Open to all team swimmers and held at Redwood on Saturdays, these started last Saturday.  Remaining dates include:  March 18th and 25th and April 1st and 15th.   Instruction is focused on starts/dives for our 8 & Unders and both dives and turns for our 9 & Ups.  Swimmers do practice these things during the week, but not all days of the week, and not all weeks.  Focused instruction is a great way to really work on these important racing skills.

What's the (Practice) Plan?

Now that the season is underway, take a look at  Coach Marie's Season Practice Plan outline to get a sense for how your child will be training and what your child will be learning this season. We also hope you will find the time to read some of the great Swim Parent News articles we have on the website.  A great way to learn how to best support your child, our coaches, and our team this season!

P.S.  Reminder that Tomorrow is Coach Marie's Birthday

No need to go nuts, especially if your swimmers are just joining us and don't know Coach Marie very well yet, but for her biggest fans, we do want to let you know that a card and a diet coke will be a great way to let her know you've thought of her on her special day!