2023 Marin Swim League (MSL) Top 20 Times Reports


Each week the Marin Swim League collects all results for each of the dual meets swum. The top 20 fastest times in the league for each age group, gender, and stroke are then recorded. Please note that this report is cumulative for the season, meaning once a time is recorded in the top 20, it stays there until it is knocked out by another swimmer. 

Congratulations to all of our Tidalwaves' swimmers that are represented in this report!  This is quite an accomplishment for you and your TEAM. You guys are amazing!


Tidalwaves Top 20 Swimmers (as of 5/06/2023)

8 & Under 9 - 10 11 - 12 13 - 14 15 - 18

Eva Fisl

Ailana Hamilton

Molly Schmautz

Elizabeth Schrumpf

Lola Saul

Analise Van Voris

Zane Boggs

Ben Budzik

Bodhi Joseph

Lleyton Harrison

Declan Lewandowski

Dean Nelson

Sunny Smith


Josephine Fernandez

Sydney Rainow

Gemma Stark

Emily Wilson

Des Bettor

Ronan Krogh-Jespersen

Elliott Sellman

Ashton Weisel


Ari Canny

Sophia Boukhari

Ellie Scarborough

Brittany Vela

Adrian Atherton

Brady Butcher

Hayes Brock

Drake Cheng-Fitzpatrick

Rohan Kime

Noah Lewis

George Majit

Jacob Rainow

Jonathon Schulter

Sam Shemano

Andrew Weisel


Finnotta Braun

Anna Cross

Mari Kawamura

Ava Pellumbi

Ashley Vela

Alex Atherton

Blake Butcher

Jude Fuchs

Jack Gillespie

Kylan Kime

Rohan Kime

Henry Lee

Jack O'Brien

Shane Pastel


Izzy Babb

Kate DeForrest

Gabby Grow

Sara Jordan

Jordan Maurus

Kate Morgan

Olivia Koeppel

Sawyer Goldberg

Will O'Dell


Source: Top 20 as of 6/03/2023

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