Tidalwaves Rewards

During the Spring season, Tidalwaves offers a number of incentive programs to motivate our kids to meet their swimming goals.

Terrific 20

To encourage attendance at practice and to award the effort involved in committing to  improved swimming, the Tidalwaves coaches challenge all swimmers to attend at least four practices a week. Here's how it works:  There will be two "Terrific Twenty" Sessions, each five weeks long and one "Sweet Sixteen" session that will be four weeks long. So, three separate opportunities to win an award!

The first two sessions are each five weeks long (Mon-Fri). Any swimmer who checks in and attends 20 practices during the session will be a Terrific 20 Winner! The third session is a week shorter, so any swimmer who checks in and attends 16 practices during session three will be a Sweet 16 Winner!  Coaches will discuss program and prizes with swimmers at practice. COM swimmers who would like to achieve this award, are encouraged to come to Redwood to get their fourth day of practice in.  

We DO recognize that many of our swimmers have other activities as well, and will be unable to be TERRIFIC TWENTY WINNERS (that's okay). We hope everyone will participate to the best of their ability.

Fine Print:  If a NO swim day occurs during any session (for instance if the pool is closed for any reason on a practice day), swimmers get credit for that workout. Please remind your swimmers to check in every day. Awards are presented on Tuesday or Wednesday following the end of the session.


To recognize the swimmers (and their families) who demonstrate their commitment to our team by participating in every dual meet of the season plus Champs, Tidalwaves acknowledges these swimmers with a special "Waterdogs" t-shirt. These coveted shirts are presented at the end-of-season Awards Banquet and include all of the Waterdog swimmers' names on the back. These shirts are prized possessions for the kids and we are so very inspired by, grateful for, and appreciative of the team spirit of these swimmers.


All-stars are swimmers who swim faster than the qualifying times set by the Marin Swim League. All swimmers who qualify are invited to a special swim meet, typically held on a Sunday in June, where the fastest swimmers from across the league are able to compete against each other in a single meet. Each swimmer receives a special swim cap noting their participation in this event.

It is a great honor and accomplishment for any swimmer to qualify for the All-Stars meet! 

Awards Banquet

At the end of the season we have a banquet to recognize the efforts of all our swimmers. All kids receive a trophy and team gift and it is the highlight of the season for almost all of them! Typically the event is held the Sunday after Champs, the final meet of the season.