Missing Ribbons

Try as we might to make sure all the kids get all their ribbons, occasionally there is a breakdown in the well-oiled volunteer machine and labels don't get printed, or ribbons swim home with another swimmer. However, we are committed to helping all swimmers get the ribbons they have earned. Therefore, if your swimmer tells you that he or she is missing a ribbon, please kindly let us know by entering your child's name, event number, and heat on the missing ribbons form.  Our goal is to supply the missing ribbon within the next week of practice. 

Questions?  Contact [email protected].  Thank you!

Important Things to Know About Ribbons:

Ribbons are available at the Redwood pool on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday after practice. All swimmers are eligible for ribbons.  Note these 4 exceptions:

  • Relay ribbons are only given through 3rd place.
  • If a child is disqualified, s/he will not receive a ribbon.
  • If a child swims 'Exhibition', s/he will not receive a ribbon.
  • No ribbons are given for time trials.

​Missing Ribbons Form