Tidalwaves Swim Team Reimbursements/Payments

Thank you for volunteering with Tidalwaves!  If you have spent your own money on supplies for social or meet events, we want to reimburse you as quickly as possible. For volunteers working with vendors willing and able to provide invoices in lieu of immediate payment, please follow the procedures for submitting invoices.

Requesting Reimbursement

Send an email to [email protected]. In the email include:

  • An electronic copy of the receipt.  The more legible the better!
  • The date of the transaction (if not visible on the receipt)
  • A brief description of what the expense was for
  • Your mailing address

Generally speaking, a check will be mailed within 4 weeks. 

We are aware that there may be times when you need to be reimbursed more quickly.  Our volunteer bookkeeper is certainly willing to help in these situations, but keep in mind we also see how long it takes for people to deposit their checks...please only ask for expedited service if you plan to deposit the check immediately.  To ask for expedited service, please include the request in your email with the receipt.

Requesting Payment of an Invoice or Deposit

Send an email to [email protected]. In the email include

  • An electronic copy of the invoice
  • The address for remittance (if it's not already included on the invoice)
  • Your personal mailing address (if you need to hand-deliver the check with, for example, a contract)
  • A brief description of the purchase purpose
  • The name of the board member approving the invoice

Generally speaking, a vendor check will be mailed within a week of receiving a request (plus mail time).  If needed faster than that, please discuss with the appropriate board member and/or treasurer.


Please contact [email protected]