We can't do this without you! All Marin Swim League teams are entirely run by parent volunteers.

  • LVST families are required to fill 7 LVST volunteer jobs during the 2023 season, and 1 Champs job (if registered for the meet) to ensure our swimmers have a successful swim season.

  • Families will sign up for 7 volunteer jobs before March 18th, 2023, or they will be assigned jobs if they miss the deadline.

  • If a family can't fulfill a volunteer job, it is the family's responsibility to find a replacement.

  • Families that fail to show for volunteer assignments will be charged a $125 no-show fee.

  • Families that are unable to fulfill 4 volunteer jobs by May 14th, 2023 will be charged 50% of the Volunteer Opt-Out fee of $850.

  • Similarly, families that fail to fulfill the remainder of their volunteer shifts between May 15 and June 25 be charged $425.

  • Families are encouraged to try to sign up for the same job through the season (setup, cleanup, snack bar, timer, etc.). 



  • How do I sign up for my 7 jobs? Starting March 4th families will be able to sign up by signing into lvst.org. Under “Events & Competition” on the left sidebar select Team Events. Select “job signup” for the upcoming event you want to volunteer at. View detailed steps here.

  • I’ve forgotten what I signed up for. How do I get that information? View detailed steps here.

  • How do I get credit for the volunteer job I signed up for? Check in at the volunteer desk for the event you signed up for and get your volunteer badge. The board member at check in will provide further instructions on when and where to report. 

  • What happens if I don’t show? Or, I’m significantly late? Missing work assignments and even being late for swim meets seriously and negatively impacts the team. A strict “Late Arrival/No Show” penalty of $125 will be assessed.

  • My schedule does not allow me time to volunteer. What can I do? You can pay a volunteer opt-out fee of $850. Please contact the Volunteer Coordinator at [email protected] with your request to opt-out. Your credit card on file will be charged unless.

  • I only have a High School swimmer(s). How many volunteer positions should I take? Parents of High School swimmers (those swimming on a HS swim team and will not participate on the LV team until May/June) are required to volunteer for 4 positions.