What Is the “Shark Pups” Program?

The Shark Pups program is designed for kids who are comfortable in the water but not yet ready for swim team. It is a program that guides the children through the first stages of stroke development. Overall, at the end of the program, it is hoped that the child is water safe and/or on the right path to water safety, independent swimming for given distances and comfortable in the water.

Is My Child Ready For Shark Pups?

Keep in mind that every child makes progress at different rates. That is to be expected, and does not reflect future ability. A child who learns slowly at an early age may very well leap frog her friends by the end of a session. I would suggest that if your son or daughter feels comfortable simply being in the water, they will do fine. Please note that parents are not allowed in the pool with their children during this program. The instructors are very experienced and will provide the necessary supervision to ensure the children’s safety. Kids should be a least 4 year olds.


Each Shark Pups Session consists of about 16 - 25 minute classes. Classes will typically run Monday-Thursday each week. During some sessions we have two Shark Pups classes back to back. For those sessions, swimmers will be assigned to the first or second class by the coaches to make certain that each swimmer is in the right group and receiving the proper level of instruction.

Instructors are in the water with swimmers and we also have platforms that allow the swimmers to stand in the water.  We try to keep the ratio around one instructor to 4-5 swimmers. Instructors are always in the water with their group.

Shark Pups Sessions cost $165/swimmer and there is a $20 discount for swimmers who attend multiple sessions.


Shark Pups 2019 schedule (2020 schedule coming soon)

Session Month Time Register
March 4th -> March 29th [Monday -> Thursday]
(except on the week of March 18, when we will run Tues-Fri)
April 1,2,3,5 M, T, W, F
April 15,16,17,18. M-Th
April 22,23,24,25. M-Th
April 29,30, May 1, May 2 M-Th

5:30 - 5:55

6:00 - 6:25

May 6th -> May 31st (Monday -> Thursday)
(except on the week of May 27, when we will run Tues->Fri)
June 2nd -> June 27st (Monday -> Thursday)
Except week of June 10 (M, T, W, F) dur to graduation at SRH
July 15,16,17,18,  22,23,25,26,  29,30,31 and Aug 1
TBA Register

If you have any questions please email the Shark Pups Co-ordinator