Swimarin practices Monday through Friday at the San Rafael High School Pool, located at 185 Mission Ave, San Rafael, CA 94901.  




Team members can come train as many days as they like although coaches recommend that 3-4 practices/week is optimal for improvement. Parents do not need to commit to certain days of the week in advance.  

There will be a week of tryouts at assessments at the beginning of the season to make sure that swimmers are ready for a swim team and to sort the swimmers into the appropriate levels for their trainings.

Please arrive early so your swimmer is ready to begin on time and return to the pool 15 mins before practice ends to ensure safe pickups.


The 2020 Practice schedule - Starting Feb 24th through June 26th

Group Feb 24 - May 1 Spring Break 4/6-4/9 May 4 - June 26

8 & U Beginners 

5:30p - 6:00p 5:00p - 5:45p 5:00p - 5:30p
8 & U Advanced 5:30p - 6:15p 5:00p - 5:45p 5:00p - 5:45p
9 & 10s 6:15p - 7:15p 5:45p - 6:45p 5:45p - 6:45p
11 & Up 7:15p - 8:15p 5:45p - 7:00p 6:45p - 8:00p

*Note: Possible late start days: Friday: March 20, 27, April 24 due to SRHS home meets. Email notifications will be sent out for any other changes to schedule 

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