Volunteer Information

Swimarin is an all-volunteer, parent-led organization.  The success of our team and home meets depends upon active participation and support from all parents. Please read  How To Volunteer for all details.


Swimarin Volunteering FAQ’s

I will be at the pool by myself with a younger sibling; how can I do a job and keep an eye on my child at the same time?  There are a few options for this scenario. One is to sign up for our events team which is done mostly during the week and keeps your meet days free to watch your swimmer and your younger child. Another option is to sign up for data desk runner or ribbons. Both of these jobs allow some flexibility for moving around when needed while still being able to complete your job.

We are not going to be at every meet, can I sign up for more than 1 job per meet?  Yes, you can double up, but meets are more enjoyable if you have at least half off to watch you swimmer. We also want every family to sign up for half of their jobs in the second half of the season when possible, but understand that vacation schedules don’t always allow for that.

What is a floater and what will I be asked to do? A floater fills in wherever we may have holes in any given meet. If we are fully set with volunteers, you are off the hook but may be asked to do a make-up shift later in the season.

What if I miss a shift?  If you miss a shift you have signed up for, you are charged a $125 no-show fee. We suggest you find a substitute (can be another family member or friend) rather than incur a no-show fee. Otherwise, another parent will need to be coerced into taking your shift which is not always easy for us to do. If you know you can't make a shift, please find someone to trade jobs with you and let us know so we can make the change in the system. 

What is a “team” job?  Team jobs include data desk, snack bar, and meet set-up and tear down. If you have a team job you will do different jobs within a team for the entire season but will only be required to work at the home meets. If you contact me about a team job, you do not need to sign up on-line. These spots are limited and are first-come, first served.

What is a “season-long” job?  Similar to the team job, if you do a season-long job such as Shark Pups coordinator, Events, Costco Shopper and Volunteer Check-in, you will do that one job all season.  Again, if you let me know you want one of these jobs, you do not have to sign up on-line. These spots are limited and are first-come, first served.

I have never been to a swim meet, how will I know what to do?  All of the jobs are easy to learn and it’s fun to get to know other families on the team that you end up working with. Our first meet is our time trials meet which is just our team and is a great meet to learn a new job.

What time will my shift start and end?  Times listed for all jobs are approximate and are based on the first and second half of each meet. It is important that you remain flexible on these times as they are impossible to predict exactly. Typically, first half jobs begin just before the meet and run to or through the mid-meet break.  Second half jobs begin after the mid-meet break.

We have other kids in other sports so it’s hard for us to volunteer.  Well, you are certainly not alone in this scenario. Try to plan ahead as best you can.  You always have the option to pay the buy-out fee of $500.

This sound serious, what have I gotten myself into?  Relax!  There is a lot of information to impart because I want to present all your options, but these jobs are easy and enjoyable! Swimarin is full of amazing and helpful families that are happy to show you the ropes and help you out in any way they can. Don't take your job too seriously and have fun so your swimmer can have fun, too!