Volunteer Opportunities

AKA "What the Heck Am I Signing Up For?"


Aside from our coaches, Swimarin is a 100% all-volunteer team. This includes the Board and Leadership and all jobs at the meets. It takes nearly 90 volunteers to run every home meet!  The success of our team and home meets depends upon active participation and support from all familes. The good news is you'll have a great time doing it! 


Meet Set Up and Tear Down: This job is great for those who want or need to be free of commitment during the actual meet.  You will be assisting an experienced group of parents to set up all the equipment for the meet either on Friday evening or Saturday morning before the meet and tearing down after the meet including putting things back in storage. These jobs are only done for home meets.

Ask an expert- Evan Sims, Logistics Lead - [email protected]  "Why do I love logistics? I don't have to work during the meet and instead get to watch my girls and cheer on the team" 


Snack Bar: Assist with selling food to families at the meet. It may include setting up or helping to put things away after the meet, but primarily involves helping people with their purchases and restocking items as needed.  Many people like this job because there is some freedom to go over to the deck and see your child swim their event. Not to mention, it's where you'll get to meet all of the kids and families on your team. 

BBQ Assist: Assists the lead BBQ’er to help grill and get grilled items to the customers.  

Costco ShopperWorks closely with our snack bar lead, Amy Lynch, to buy the supplies needed for the snack bar prior to the home meets. Would require a Costco membership and a larger car to transport the supplies to the snack bar. Also leaves your Saturdays free to watch the meet. This job is typically done on Fridays with delivery of the items in the morning before the meet.

Ask an expert- Amy Lynch, Snack Bar Lead "Why do I like concessions? I love getting to meet and mingle with the families. This is where everyone hangs out in between events"


Timing: Front row to the show! There are 3 timers in each lane that time all the events, either operating the plunger, stopwatch, or recording results.  This is a great way to see all the swimmers doing their best and to meet other parents on the team.

Data Desk: Sit in the shade of a canopy while working with meet data. Depending on the job, you will be doing data entry, collecting heat sheets (a perfect job for those with toddlers in tow), auditing results, and/or double checking results. Great job for those who like to stay out of the sun and see the meet up close! These jobs are only done for home meets.

Ribbons: Works with another parent to put place stickers on the appropriate ribbons and sort them into the family folders.  This job can be done while sitting in the shade and there is flexibility to see your child swimming and help them with their gear. Job is 2nd half of the meet only.

Ask an expert- Kate Cooper, Data Desk Lead - [email protected]  "Why do I like Data Desk? You're in the shade, in the action, and you get to watch your littles swim"


8 & U Line-Up: Makes sure 8 & U’s are lined up in order, in the proper lane with goggles on and reminds them of the stroke they’re swimming (along with any other tips they might need!) Works both relays and regular race events.  Great job for a parent of an 8 & U child. Can also be done if you have a younger child at the meet with you.

Ask an expert- Leslie Capinpin, Lead Volunteer Coordinator - [email protected] "Why do I love swimmer line-ups? Let's face it...the littles are so darn cute!"


Volunteer Check-In: Assists the volunteer coordinator with checking in volunteers at the meet and filling any holes we may have (not very often – we have an amazing group of parents on this team.) Also will help with printing name tags during the week before the meet and with filling jobs for All-Stars and Champs.  This is an easy job done mostly before the meet starts, allowing you to be with your child for the rest of the meet.

Floater: Each meet there is a chance we will have needs where we did not expect. The floater helps to fill positions we are in need of help with and is up for anything from working the snack bar to helping out the facilities crew tearing down the event.

Ask an expert- Leslie Capinpin, Lead Volunteer Coordinator - [email protected] "Why do I love working with the volunteers? It's one of the best way to meet all the families"


Events: Don’t want to commit to Saturday jobs? Join this team and help put on all the fun social events we do at Swimarin including Pizza Fridays, Swim-a-thon, and the fabulous end of the year banquet.

Ask an expert- Liz Neville, Events Lead - [email protected]  "Why do I love working with the events team? Who doesn't love a party?"


Stroke and Turn Judge: Do you have swimming experience? Then we want you!! We have an awesome group of stroke and turn judges who would like a couple new volunteers to join their ranks and help young swimmers learn proper stroke technique and the finer points of racing. Stroke and Turn judges do not disqualify any swimmers (don’t worry!), but rather provide feedback to the referee of the meet. Please contact our President, Chris Cain

Ask an expert- Michele Dugan, Stroke and Turn Judge - [email protected]   "Why do I like judging? Because I enjoy getting yelled at by other parents :-) "