Strawberry Seals is committed to limiting financial obstacles that prevent families from joining our team and the Seals community, wherever we can.  We have a long history of helping families who are not able to afford the total costs associated with swimming on a team, whether temporary or ongoing.  At the start of the year, the Board approves a financial assistance budget for each swim session (fall, winter, and spring). Applications for financial assistance must be made by a swimmer’s parent or guardian prior to the start of the session for which it is requested.  The Financial Assistance Committee considers a variety of factors when evaluating eligibility. All requests for financial assistance that are submitted by the approved deadline, and through the proper channels, will be considered. 


It is generally expected that all Seals families volunteer to help the team carry out its mission.  Still, we understand that some families simply don’t have the ability to volunteer.  Families applying for financial assistance may request a waiver of the volunteer requirement by checking the appropriate box on the financial assistance application form. Such requests will not be held against families seeking financial assistance. To apply for financial assistance:


(1) Register your swimmer on the Seals website and select the financial assistance option in the "Register to this Group" drop down menu.  This will alert the committee of your request. You will be required to pay a portion of the registration fee at that time.    

(2)  Complete the Application for Financial Assistance and return it, along with income verification by the deadline listed below.  Email and U.S. mailing addresses are listed on the application.


You will be notified of your award prior to the start of the session.  Payment timing and method will be addressed at that time.  Applications submitted after the deadline will only be considered if there are funds remaining in the budget for that session.  Submission deadlines are as follows:


Fall Session – August 15th         

Winter Session – November 1st

Spring Session – February 1st

For additional inquires and questions, please contact Bryan Thornton.  [email protected]

* Financial assistance applications will be held in confidence between the parent/guardian and the scholarship committee for Strawberry Seals, Inc.  Please realize that a request must be submitted for each session (i.e. fall, winter & spring) and that the receipt of financial assistance in one season does not guarantee assistance in future seasons. Strawberry Seals, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization with limited resources. This application does not imply a guarantee of assistance.