The Strawberry Seals have a long and meaningful history. Originally formed in the early 1960's by some very committed parents, it didn't take long for the swim team to become a focal point of the community. The history of the Strawberry Seals is so pervasive, that at one point in the recent past five parents with kids on the team were themselves former swimmers at Strawberry. In fact, two of them have actually married each other! Memories of the swim team include Mr. Yamanaka (still a Strawberry resident) with his starting gun, timers with actual stop watches and large (and slightly intimidating) starting blocks.

While some of the equipment and technology has changed, and certainly the number of swimmers has increased, what hasn’t changed is the promotion of good physical health, a healthy philosophy of sportsmanship, and a sense of community of pride. The families that make up the Strawberry Seals today are as committed as the founders of this team and are delighted to carry on its tradition.