Seals Service Commitment Positions


Below is a description of Service Commitment Positions:


Timers/Recorders:  Times and records. Two shifts per meet with the exception of time trials when there is only one shift

Set-up (10:00AM - Noon for time trials and 8:00AM-10:00 AM for home meets): Sets up tents, equipment, etc. before the meet

Ribbons:  Affixes printed labels to ribbons and files them

Line-up/DQ Runner:  Lines up 8 & Under swimmers to the correct lane and heat, picks up DQ sheets from judges to Colorado Desk

Breakdown:  Breaks down equipment, and brings it to the trailer after the meet. Stays until the trailer is packed

Concession Stand:  Sells coffee and food during the meets

Merchandise Sales:  Sells Seals gear during the meets

Floater:  May be pulled or replace other volunteers as needed

Timer Runner:  Picks up timing sheets from timers to Colorado Desk

Assistant Head Timer: Helps the Head Timer do back-up timing

Memorial Day Parade:  Helps plan and execute event

Raging Waters:  Helps plan and execute event

Pump Up for Champs:  Helps plan and execute event

Lap-a-Thon:  Helps plan and execute event, works with fundraising head

End of Season Awards Banquet:  Helps plan and execute the event


We are looking for a few Crew Chiefs and folks to fill season long positions. Taking on these positions would fulfill your MSL season service commitment.

Announcer:  Announces the full time trials and home meets

Volunteer/Events Coordinator:  Oversees the team of volunteers and organize the team social events

Assistant Volunteer Coordinator:  Helps the Volunteer Coordinator track and record completion of volunteer shifts, ideally take over as Volunteer Coordinator in the future

Label Printer:  Prints labels for 8 meets

Touch Pad Administrator:  Want a job you can do from home? This position needs savvy computer skills and the ability to communicate effectively and in a timely manner with Coach Mehrad and volunteers from the opposing teams. You will start by learning the job from the current administrator and then take it over after a couple of meets

Colorado Assistant:  Want to be at the heart of the meet? You'll work alongside the Colorado lead learning the ins and outs of our computer timing system

Computer Desk Crew:  Manages all the computer system/data and prints out the award labels for the home meets

Set-up:  Leads the set-up crew

Starter:  Checks the audio equipment and calls out the starts for the home meets

Stroke & Turn Judges:  Follows the head referee and serves as S&T for the home meets

Head Timer:  Trains and gathers all the timers for the home meets

Deck Operations:  Picks up heat sheets, helps flow of traffic on deck, lunches for coaches, handles emergencies for the home meets

Ribbons:  Manages ribbons all every meet

Meet Concessions/Vendor coordinator: Schedules food vendors and is in charge of organizing concessions for the home meets

Breakdown: Leads the Breakdown crew as they break down equipment and pack the team trailer properly for future meets

Trailer Driver:  Drives the trailer to the meet and back for the home meets