New Swim Schedule & Spring Marin Swim League Registration Now Open to All Families

Candace Murphy
Jan 28, 2019

Dear Seals Families,

Please note that registration for the spring Marin Swim League session is now open to all families, including new families. 

Also, due to the high school swim season starting today, please note the change in practice schedules. The groups that swim at Strawberry Recreation Department are unchanged, but the groups that swim at Tam High have a new schedule. Please click here to double check your swimmers’ group schedule. 

Speaking of high school — it is never too early to register your high school swimmer for the spring session. The Seals have a special $100 rate for all high school swimmers that join up with the team after the high school season finishes in early May…..and that’s just in time for the high school swimmers to join in on our MSL meets! Registering now also assures a spot and it also means that we have the waivers signed, we have all the current medical information and that your swimmer can dive right in when the time comes.

Happy swimming, and we'll see you all on deck!

~The Seals