All Groups Practice at Tam Starting Monday, PLUS enter the Rolling Hills meet NOW!

Candace Murphy
Apr 28, 2019

Dear Seals Families,

Great job, everyone, at Time Trials! Wasn't that fun? Now on to some more fun stuff.

1. THERE ARE PRACTICE CHANGES! This is just a friendly end-of-weekend reminder that all groups will be swimming at Tam Pool starting tomorrow, Monday, April 28. To view the location and time schedule changes click here.

2. AND IT'S TIME TO SIGN UP FOR THIS SATURDAY’S MEET AGAINST ROLLING HILLS. This Saturday, May 4, we will host the Rolling Hills Stingrays for our first meet of the season. Let us know if your swimmer will or will not be attending this meet.

Even if your swimmer cannot swim in this Saturay's meet, please let us know

Last Saturday we had several deck entries due to people not committing their swimmers to time trials by the deadline, and while we do try to accommodate special circumstances, it is very hard on the computer desk to handle a lot of deck entries. 

So click here to commit to the Rolling Hills meet NOW! This could not be easier! If your swimmer is attending, you can select up to 3 individual events for each swimmer to enter. 

Commitments are due by Tuesday night at midnight.

Thanks! And swim fast!

~The Seals