Practice occurs rain or shine. Swimmers are welcome and encouraged to attend as many practices as possible.  There is a simple formula to excel in the sport of swimming:
Attendance + Effort (physical & mental) + Enthusiasm = Positive Outcomes and Growth

Practice is a central focus of the swimmer’s experience with the Strawberry Seals.  Consistent and focused practice is the single most important thing a swimmer can do to improve their
swimming skills and physical capacity.  We believe that talent is not a fixed characteristic, and that attendance, effort and enthusiasm are a successful formula to help swimmers achieve positive
outcomes.  We emphasize a long-term process to alleviate anxieties related to short-term goals.  There is no short-cut to the results we seek.  Attempts to circumvent the process lead to diminished
enthusiasm and “burn-out”.  For new swimmers, our coaches focus primarily on developing physical coordination and foundational technical elements through consistent repetition of core skill sets.
More intense physical training occurs as swimmers develop.  At every level, we strive to provide a fun and growth-oriented environment.

Practice schedules and group descriptions can be found at the following links:

Fall 2019 Practice Schedules

Winter 2019-20 Practice Schedules

Spring 2020 Practice Schedule

Spring 2020 Practice Group Descriptions