Strawberry Seals Family Service Commitment Agreement - Spring Session 2019

Online sign-ups for Service Commitment will be available from March 25th to April 14th

The Strawberry Seals Swim Team is a 100% parent-run organization. It takes more than 125 parents to run a single meet. As part of participating in the Seals community, and to ensure the season is a success, we require that each family commit to helping perform duties throughout the MSL season.

This commitment applies to all families registered for the 20191 MSL season, regardless of how many meets the child attends.

The Seals Service Commitment must be signed by each family upon registration. By signing the Seals Service Commitment you agree to the following:

* Each family is required to perform 5-6 service shifts throughout the season. (The Board reserves the right to adjust the number of shifts required according to the number of families registered.)

* Families of High School swimmers are exempt from the regular season service commitment (unless they also have a non high school swimmer).

* In addition to the regular season service commitment shifts, ALL families who have a swimmer in the Champs and/or All Star meets are required to volunteer a shift during the meet(s).

* Crew Chief positions run throughout the MSL season and fulfill the required 5 service shifts. Participation during Champs and All Stars are still required if your child participates. A list of Crew Chief positions can be found on the website.

* If you are not able to fulfill your commitment, you are responsible for getting a sub for your job and telling the Volunteer Coordinator of this change in advance of the event.

* Shifts may be performed by high school age or older.

* We observe a strict ‘no show’ policy. Failure to meet service obligation shifts will result in a $150 fine, and may result in your child being prohibited from swimming at the next meet.

* If you arrive more that 20 minutes after the start of your volunteer shift, you will be considered a "no show" for that shift and charged accordingly.

* Fines will be charged directly to the credit card on the Seals family account, within two days of the No Show.

* Families may "opt out" of their service commitment by paying a "Non-Working Fee" of $750. Please note that the Non-Working Fee does not apply to the All Star and Championship meets.

* Sponsorship of the season counts as the service commitment for the MSL season, but all family sponsors must volunteer for Champs and All Stars.

* Families receiving Financial Aid are still required to perform the team service commitments.

* April 14th, 2019 is the deadline to notify the Volunteer Service Coordinator if you are choosing to opt out of the service commitment or sponsor the season.

* If these commitments and fines remain unresolved at the end of the season, the family will need to pay the fines before joining the Seals the following year.

 * Continued failure to comply with your volunteer obligations can result in removal from the team. Matters of removal are within the sole discretion of the Seals Board of Directors.

* Once registration is complete, the number of service commitment positions required of families throughout the season will be determined.

Online sign-ups for Service Commitment will be available from March 25th to April 14th.

For any questions regarding Service Commitments, please email