2020 Service Commitment Sign-ups: Everything You'll Need to Know

When: Sign-ups Begin March 23rd at 8 p.m. and continue until April 15th at  11:59 p.m.

Where: Online at www.StrawberrySeals.com

During this time, each family must sign up for FIVE (5) positions throughout the season.

Fulfilling your family’s required service commitment is essential to ensuring the season runs smoothly. All swim meets and activities are planned and executed with the volunteer help of our Seals families.

All families, regardless of participation in dual meets, are expected to fulfill this service commitment.

After the sign-up period closes at 11:59 p.m. on April 7th, if your family has not signed up for any, or all required slots, you will be assigned to an open position. If assigned to an open position, you will be responsible for working that assigned slot, or find a replacement.

Don’t wait until the last minute to sign up. Best availability is immediately after the system is open for sign-ups.

If you find it difficult to work on a Saturday during a meet, there are non-meet jobs available. You'll find these under "service commitment", pull down to "position descriptions"

What do I need to know ahead of time?

Please review the Strawberry Seals Family Service Commitment Agreement, which every family agreed to during the registration period. It can be found on the website – Under the Service Commitment tab on the right of the home page, you will find a drop-down menu – the first is Commitment Overview.

Review the dates of the Seals meets throughout the season. This will be handy so you sign up for meets you are able to volunteer during. They can be found on the website calendar and also under "events".

How long is each shift?

Each meet runs slightly different timing – some meets have more swimmers than others, pools have a different number of lanes, etc. Because of this, we are unable to provide a concrete answer to this question. Generally, shifts will last around 2.5 hours.

With that in mind, it is important to note the following:

**** Most of our shifts are listed as First Half and Second Half.

First Half refers to the start of the meet through the end of backstroke.

Second Half refers to the start of the second half beginning with breaststroke through the end of the meet.

However, the online system we use requires us to list a time for each position. You will see that to the far right of each position listed. PLEASE IGNORE THE TIME LISTED.

Sign up for your positions according to the half (first or second) listed in the Position. For example, Timer First Half will time from the beginning of the meet through the final heat of 15-18 backstroke. Timer Second Half will begin after the break, and time from breaststroke through the end of the meet.

Approximate meet start times:

Time Trials begins at 10:30 am

Home Meets begin at 10:15 am

Away Meets – generally start at 8:30 am

Again, please note that start and end times for all first/second shift jobs are approximate. First shift jobs start before the meet begins or as the meet starts. They end when backstroke is over. Second shift jobs begin when Breaststroke starts and end when the meet ends.

Finally, have your family calendar available, to ensure you sign up to volunteer for shifts you can attend.

If you sign up for a volunteer position, you can make changes to your choices up until the close of sign-ups. After that time, if you are unable to work a position you signed up for, it is your responsibility to find a replacement, and notify the volunteer coordinator.

What Kind of Positions are Available?

For a brief description of the positions available, click on the Service Commitment tab and then Position Descriptions in the drop-down menu.

How many shifts do I sign up for?


Each Family is required to sign up for 5 shifts during the regular season dual meets. In addition to the regular season service commitment shifts, ALL families who have a swimmer in the Champs and/or All-Star meets are required to volunteer a shift during the meet(s). Sign up for All-Stars and Champs occurs later in the season.



How many shifts can I sign up to work at each meet? Import NEW requirements.

This season we are happy to announce that each family is only required to work 5 volunteer shifts. In order to best accommodate all Seals families, and ensure that all our meets are properly staffed, you can only sign up for 1 shift per meet. With a total of 7 meets plus time trials that means you’ll have 5 meets during which you will not be required to volunteer.

We understand that family obligations – travel, other sports, etc. – make scheduling tricky at times, but please consider spreading out your volunteer obligations throughout the season, including the end of the season (when we are often short on volunteers) to ensure a smooth process that best accommodates all our Seals families.

If you sign up for more than 1 position during a meet, the volunteer coordinator will remove you from one shift and reschedule at a different meet.


I am unable to volunteer at some, or all, of the swim meets due to work or other family obligations. Must I sign up to volunteer?

Yes, The Strawberry Seals Swim Team is a 100% parent-run organization. It takes more than 125 parents to run a single meet. As part of participating in the Seals community, and to ensure the season is a success, we require that each family commit to helping perform duties throughout the MSL season. Families of swimmers competing on a high school team are exempt from the regular season service commitment (unless they also have a swimmer who is not in high school).

**This commitment applies to all families registered for the 2019 MSL season, regardless of how many meets the child attends.

For those families who find it impossible to fulfill the service commitment, we offer the opportunity to "opt out" of their service commitment by paying a "Non-Working Fee" of $750. Please note that the Non-Working Fee does not apply to the All-Star and Championship meets.

Additionally, sponsorship of the season counts as the service commitment for the MSL season, but all family sponsors must volunteer for Champs and All-Stars if their child swims.

**** April 15th, 2020, is the deadline to notify the Volunteer Service Coordinator if you are choosing to opt out of the service commitment or sponsor the season.


Are there any volunteer positions that are not meet related?

Yes, we have several options for families unable to volunteer during meets.

Events – help plan a variety of events throughout the season.

How do I sign up?

Starting at 8 p.m. March 23rd and continuing until April 15th you can log into your account at StrawberrySeals.com and sign up for job positions.

  1. On the home page scroll down to "team events"  and click the button. Click job sign up on the events for which you are available.
  2. In the main body of the site, you will see a list of all events. In the Event Category bar, located above all the Events, click on Service Commitments in the drop-down menu and hit Search. You will then see each swim meet listed, and a Job signup tab associated with each. To choose a position for a specific meet, click on the Job Sign-up tab for that meet, and you will see which positions are available.
  3. Once saved, move on to the next meet, and choose a position, until you have signed up for a total of 5 positions throughout the season.
  4. There are also events titled:

Crew Chiefs & Season Long Commitments

Non-Meet Related - These service commitment positions are ideal for any family who cannot fulfill meet related positions.

If you prefer to use the onDeck app to sign up, click https://support.teamunify.com/en/articles/1351-job-manager for a quick start guide.

How to Get List of My Volunteer Service Commitments for the Season

1. On the home page, click Event Registration.

2. Five (5) tabs appear at the top. Click on the Reports tab.

3. Click on Job Sign-up Report for My Account

4. Your list of Volunteer positions for the season will be listed

For any questions regarding Service Commitments, please email volunteer@strawberryseals.com