Seals Service Commitment Positions

Below is a description of Service Commitment Positions.

Online sign-ups for 2020 MSL Season Service Commitment will begin on March 23 at 8 p.m. and continue until April 15 at 11:59 p.m.

Timers/Recorders: Times and records. Two shifts per meet with the exception of time trials when there is only one shift.

Set up (10:00AM - Noon for time trials and 8:00AM-10:30 AM for home meets): Sets up tents, equipment, etc.

Ribbons: Affixes printed labels to ribbons and files them

Line-Up: Lines up 8 & Under swimmers to ensure they swim in the correct lane and heat

Volunteer Check-in AM: Checks in volunteers upon arrival to the meet

Volunteer On-Deck Coordinator: Checks in with heads to make sure all volunteers have arrived.  If not, reassigns resources to fill meet-critical positions

Breakdown: Breaks down equipment, and brings it to the trailer after the meet. Stays till the trailer is packed

Coffee Sales: Helps sell coffee during home meets.

Clothing Sales: Sells Seals gear during the meets.

Guard/Floater: Works the area around the blocks to keep swimmers back from the blocks. May be pulled ot replace other volunteers as needed

DQ Runner: Picks up DQ sheets from judges and delivers to Colorado Desk

Timer Runner: Picks up Timing sheets from timers and delivers to Colorado Desk

Event Team Picnic - Helps plan and execute event

Memorial Day Parade - Helps plan and execute event

Raging Waters  - Helps plan and execute event

Pump up for Champs - Helps plan and execute event

Swim-a-Thon - Helps plan and execute event. Works with Fundraising head.

End of Season Awards Banquet - Helps plan and execute the event.


We are looking for a few Crew Chiefs and folks to fill season long positions. Taking on these positions would fulfill your MSL season service commitment.

Touch Pad Admin: Want a job you can do from home? This position needs savvy computer skills and the ability to communicate effectively and in a timely manner with Coach Mehrad and volunteers from the opposing teams. For the 2019 season you will start by learning the job from the current  admin and then take it over after 2 or 3 meets.

Events: Oversee the team of volunteers who organize the team social events

Colorado Assistant: Want to be at the heart of the meet? You'll work alongside the Colorado lead learning the ins and outs of our computer timing system. Front row seats at the meets guaranteed.

Breakdown: Leads the Breakdown crew as they break down equipment and pack the team trailer after the meet has concluded. Serves as key point person with other Crew Chiefs to ensure their respective areas of the meet are properly packed and stored for future meets.

Assistant Volunteer Coordinator: help the Volunteer coordinator track and record completion of volunteer shifts. Ideally this person will take over as Volunteer Coordinator in 2020.

Meet Concessions/Vendor coordinator: Schedules food vendors and is in charge of organizing concessions for the home meets.