USA Swimming Program

The Strawberry Seals Swim Team offers a year round competitive swimming program that provides swimmers of all levels with the best of both worlds: participation in the Marin Swim League Spring program, and participation in USA Pacific Swim meets in the Fall, Winter, and Summer months. 

USA swimming is the largest competitive swimming organization in the world with over 300,000 members within the United States.  Our team competes in USA swimming as Seals Aquatics (SRBY), a member organization within Zone 3 of Pacific Swimming, our regional Local Swim Committee (LSC).

We offer a robust schedule of meets to appeal to Seals swimmers of all ages and abilities.  

Why Swim with Seals Aquatics USA Swimming Program?  Enjoy the journey as much as the outcome!

  • We offer a flexible meet and training schedule that encourages and supports multi-sport athletes and swimmers with multiple extracurricular activities!

  • Swimmers will have the opportunity to:

    • Grow in the sport of swimming beyond the constraints of our seasonal MSL program;

    • Continue building camaraderie and community with Seals teammates;

    • Advance skills development by participating in a wider range of events and distances not offered in the MSL program (ie. 100y, 200y, and 500y events) 

    • Be part of a growing team of Seals swimmers who are on the forefront of building the Seals Aquatics USA Swimming program!

All swimmers enrolled in the Seals Fall and Winter programs are eligible to participate in USA meets as part of Seals Aquatics upon registration with the USA Swimming organization.


USA Swimming Membership: To participate in the Seals Aquatics USA Swimming program, please register your swimmer with the USA Pacific swimming organization at: to complete the process.  

Swimmers who registered with USA Swimming for the 2020-21 as Seals Aquatics can renew USA Swimming memberships online on the Seals website.  More information about renewing registrations please see emails from Seals.

For most USA Swimming meets entries are done online through either or To learn how to sign up for a meet go to:


Some meets close early so sign up as soon as you know which meets and events your swimmer would like to swim.

If you are new to USA Swimming, following is some additional background information about the program. You can also visit the USA Swimming website at:

Minor Athlete Abuse Prevention Policy

All USA Swimming members and parents are required to abide by the Minor Athlete Abuse Prevention Policy. Swimmers and parents should sign the forms indicating they read them. The policy can be found and read here. Consent pages to sign and turn in to your team USA Swimming rep can be found here and here.

Volunteer Requirements  

Our Fall and Winter programs do not have a volunteer requirement unless your swimmer attends meets.  In this case, you will most likely be asked to volunteer as a timer.  We are actively seeking five volunteers to be our Fall and Winter stroke and turn judges, which require online certification from USA Swimming.  For more information about how to become a USA Swimming certified stroke and turn judge, please speak to Coach Mehrad.  In the event that our team is unable to provide stroke and turn judges, we may be required to pay a fine, and will require contributions from participating families to cover the cost. 

Seals Aquatics Mission

Seals Aquatics nurtures the personal growth and competitive spirit of aspiring swimmers through 1:1 technical training, group practices and Fall/Winter USA swimming competition.  We take a holistic approach to developing advanced competitive skills and speed emphasizing physical and emotional fitness as the underpinnings of our program.  With the support of our community, Seals Aquatics’ swimmers are prepared to reach their personal best and thrive as competitive athletes.

USA Swimming Competitions

There are many different meet types and formats within USA Swimming.  Most of our meets fall within two classes: “Age Group” or “Senior”.  Within those classes there are various meet types that may have different restrictions or requirements.

Age Group Meets

Age group meets are designed for swimmers age 18 and under with events segmented by age group and gender.  Most of the age group meets our team will attend are referred to as C/B/A+ meets.  C/B/A/+ meets do not require qualifying times to participate.  We will attend one C/B/A+ meet per month during the fall and winter sessions.