About Our Swim Team

The Klahanie Swim Team, a non profit organization, is a member of the 26-team, Midlakes Summer Swim League. We seek to provide a competitive swimming environment for a young swimmer that is fun and relaxed.

Klahanie Swim Team offers swimmers between 5 and 18 years of age a fun way to get great exercise while swimming with others of the same age. Although swimming is an individual sport, participating on a swim team helps create an enthusiasm for swimming that is hard to achieve by just swimming alone. The Klahanie Swim Team promotes team building skills, friendliness, and sportsmanlike conduct among teammates and opponents.

Klahanie Swim Team is a fun yet competitive swim team. Swimmers race at swim meets against other swimmers of their own age group. The swim meets emphasize fun and personal improvement. They teach that success isn't necessarily winning, but is related to hard work and doing your best. The Klahanie Swim Team helps teach that competition, winning and losing are all part of life. There are 5 boys and girls age brackets: 8, 10, 12, 14 and under, and 15 and over.

The Klahanie Homeowners Association is equipped with two, four lane, 25-meter competition pools. Practices are held daily from mid-May through July. Klahanie Swim Team coaches and lifeguards are also available throughout the swim season for private, semi-private and group lessons.

Our mailing address is: 4580 Klahanie Dr. SE #172 Issaquah, WA 98029.

How Midlakes Swim League Got Started

In the late 1930's, various public beaches in the Seattle area first began competitive swimming on a recreational level. Most of these competitions were restricted to "males only", but the fairer sex was allowed to compete in sidestroke races. The first trace of the Midlakes Swim League occurred in 1954, when the Mercer Island Beach Club entered the King County Beach League. The annual championships were held at Pete's Pool (more like a small lake than a pool) in Enumclaw. Things changed rapidly in the 1950's as Eastside communities began to grow and build pools.

After two years in the Seattle Summer Swim League, the Eastside teams (including Samena, Phantom Lake, Newport Hills, Mercerwood Shore Club, Mercer Island Beach Club, Edgebrook, Triangle and Norwood) formed the Midlakes Swim League. In the years that followed the League continued to grow and by 2000 the League consisted of 26 teams representing neighborhoods throughout the Eastside.