Revised Membership Guidelines for Klahanie Swim Team

The Klahanie Swim Team has enjoyed a rich 31 year history in our community.  Starting with 11 swimmers in 1987, and by 2017 we swelled to well over 200 swimmers. We made every effort to accommodate as many swimmers as possible but the limited pool space made that extremely difficult and compromised the swim team experience.  The team leadership has determined that the optimal team size is no more than 25 - 30 per gender, per age group, and a total team size of 190 – 210 swimmers.  Prior to 2019, our younger age groups (12 and U) were significantly larger than this number and compromised safety, quality of the swim experience and it greatly limited the number of competitive swims each swimmer was able to experience during the season.  
To make the team a better quality experience for our entire team, in 2019 we implemented the following policy to ensure a higher quality experience for all swim team families:
No "Two-Week Trial" for new swimmers – Team practices do not provide the best learning environment for swimmers who aren’t ready to swim a full workout.
No returning Non-Residents* for swimmers aged 12 and under.  – Historically we have welcomed former Klahanie swim team members who have moved from the neighborhood but wish to continue swimming. Due to capacity constraints, this simply can’t be offered anymore.  
To be guaranteed a spot on the team, returning swimmers must register before the first day of new swimmer try-outs – After that date, the returning swimmer will only be able to return for this season on a space available basis.
Based on returning swimmer registrations – There may be limited number of spaces for new swimmers.  Coaches will determine new membership based on available space, a swimmer’s skill and age group.
Each family/swimmer must commit to an entire season: May – 3rd week of July.  This includes consistent practices, at least 3 weeks of meets (including an away meet) and a full volunteer commitment.  Those families with extensive travel during the season season should consider skipping this season.   Its not fair to say “no” to swimmers who will be here all season.  Also, the majority of volunteer opportunities are during the meet season (Mid June to Mid July).
Please feel free to ask any questions you may have.  Capacity constraints have made these policy changes imperative.  They are also important to maintaining a high-quality swim experience, while keeping swimmers safe and challenged.  We also encourage everyone to contact the Klahanie Homeowners Board and call for an expanded Mtn. View Pool.
* Non – Resident:  An individual who doesn’t reside in Klahanie or own property.