June 25, 2013

 When encountering inclement weather (thunder and lightening) please follow these recommendations:

  • At the first clap of thunder or lightening strike immediately empty the pool of all swimmers
  • Consult with the facility manager to find out the rules for allowing swimmers back into the pool and abide by those rules
  • Decide with the opposing coaches and parent reps how to proceed...whether to continue or cancel the meet.

Suggested options:

  • Cancel the meet (if a B-meet you do not need to reschedule)
  • If a Tuesday meet, cancel the meet and combine with the Thursday meet
  • Reschedule the meet (suggested, if possible, for A-meets as it would effect your League standings)
  • If you continue the meet but run out of time the current score should stand unless you decide to continue at a later date

When encountering unusually hot weather please follow these recommendations:

  • Encourage swimmers to drink plenty of water
  • As the host club, have water ready to offer your on deck volunteers
  • Encourage swimmers to rest between events
  • Provide shaded areas if your club does not provide natural shade (trees, permanent coverings, etc)
  • Encourage swimmers to cover up when out of the pool

If the meet was canceled or not completed, please contact the League Communication Director with the decision you and your opponent have agreed to. 

Questions, please contact the Communication Director.